mumbai-based ion energy launches udyr, an easily swappable battery for two- and three-wheelers

by:CTECHi     2020-04-21
Ion Energy in Mumbai
Energy storage-based startups have released a portable lithium
Dual Ion batteryand three-wheelers.
The battery is called the UDYR, named after a character in the League of Legends of the game, whose founder is a loyal fan of the league.
Charging time and mileage are the two biggest question marks around the electric car (EV).
When electric cars are discharged
Free alternatives for gasoline and diesel vehicles, no one will use them if it takes hours to charge.
Ion Energy has been saying for some time that replacing the battery could be a viable solution to this problem.
This is where UDYR enters the picture.
UDYR is a portable 48v lithium battery-
Ion batteries that can be easily replaced from electric vehicles.
The battery weighs 11.
3 kg, no technical expertise is required for installation.
It could be as simple as taking out one battery and putting it in another.
Ion Energy indicates that the battery is compatible with most two batteriesand three-
Its main feature is the battery management system.
Ion Energy claims that battery management at UDYR enables it to improve performance and increase battery life by 200%.
Akhil Aryan, CEO of Ion Energy, told Gadgets 360, \"almost all the batteries in the vehicle today come with some sort of BMS (
Battery Management Software
But the level of accuracy and accuracy often does not allow them to make the most of the battery-life extension.
The algorithm of our chemistry
The unknowable BMS allows incredible accuracy and accuracy to maximize battery-life extension.
The company says it is issuing licenses for proprietary battery management systems to other battery manufacturers and OEMs.
Akhil AryanAryan, CEO of Ion Energy, said Ion Energy\'s \"battery management systems and software applications can be customized for a wide range of applications for electric vehicles, including applications other than two and threewheelers”.
At present, as the electric vehicle market is very new in India, ion energy will have to look for UDYR in markets outside India.
He added, \"the size of two and three markets --
The wheels of India and Asia are huge.
Electric vehicles are in the bud in India and some other Asian countries, but one can look at China, Taiwan and others to see the rapid popularity of electric vehicles
In the past few years.
\"The lack of charging infrastructure is an obstacle that Ion Energy wants to eliminate through UDYR, but the battery exchange itself also faces a range of challenges.
Ather Energy, a startup that makes electric scooters in India, highlighted the exchange
Debate on infrastructure fees
At the moment, however, ion energy is betting that if electric vehicles become mainstream in India, long-term charging will drive India to switch to battery exchange technology.
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