Lithium battery protection board: the status quo of the power battery industry

by:CTECHi     2021-07-15

According to statistics, there are currently more than 760 lithium battery manufacturers in China, of which more than 150 claim to be capable of producing power batteries. As of July 8, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced a total of four batches of enterprises in accordance with the 'Automotive Power Battery Industry Standard Conditions' catalog, and a total of 57 power battery companies have been selected. According to the current policy, the power battery catalog is linked to the recommended catalog of new energy vehicles. Only when the used power battery is in the announced enterprise catalog, the new energy vehicle may enter the recommended model catalog and receive national financial subsidies.

According to Yang Qi, marketing director of Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the technical system of power batteries is extremely complicated. The performance of the power battery system depends on basic materials, quantum simulation, electrochemistry, technology, electronics, software development, mechanical design, thermal management, reliability, prediction, safety testing, intelligent manufacturing, quality management, vehicle design, manufacturing More than ten professional disciplines such as information management are veritable high-tech.

Currently, the encapsulation forms of power batteries are mainly divided into three types: hard case, soft case and cylindrical, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Among them, the hard-shell power battery has high safety, with a cycle life of more than 4000, and the cost is relatively high; the soft-pack power battery is generally safe, with a cycle life of 2000 times, and the cost is in the middle; the cylindrical power battery is generally safe and has the highest cycle life. It can only reach 1500 times, and the cost is the lowest.

In addition, power battery research and development methods can also be divided into positive development, non-forward development, and outsourcing development, which will affect the use of power batteries in vehicles. The quality of power batteries is also inextricably linked to the design and integration of batteries, modules, BMS, and battery packs.

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