Coating consistency helps battery life and safety

by:CTECHi     2021-09-17
The discrete production and manufacturing process of power lithium battery is based on the complicated process involved in the stand-alone equipment, and the product yield is difficult to control. Once the front process is not well controlled, the middle and later processes will also be affected to a certain extent, which will eventually lead to material utilization and product pass-through rates. Sex and other aspects will be reduced. Therefore, the front-end core processes such as homogenization mixing, coating, and rolling are also regarded by the power lithium battery company as the top priority in the production line manufacturing. The significance of the consistency of pole piece coating to the life and safety of lithium-ion batteries is mainly reflected in the three aspects of areal density consistency, size consistency and surface consistency. In order to ensure the consistency of the pole piece coating in the above three aspects, Dr. Cao Guoping, the general manager of Huashi Intelligent, proposed corresponding solutions, namely Shangchuan precision extrusion die, Ruiqi precision areal density meter and Huashi Intelligent CCD products. In terms of precision die heads, Shangchuan Precision developed the BPCDFoam software, which is superior to the general Fluent and CFX. It can calculate the customer’s proprietary curve according to the customer’s different pastes and different working conditions, and then optimize the die according to this curve. design. In addition, Shangchuan’s precise micrometer die head has a miniaturized T-block design, with a minimum T-block width of up to 20mm and more refined horizontal adjustment; the gap between the adjustment blocks is ≤5um, which can be adapted to a variety of coating types; it can achieve 2 layers /3 layer coating at the same time; the thickness of the coating film ranges from 20m to 500m; the coating viscosity range is as wide as 1mPa﹢s-20000mPa﹢s. Currently, Shangchuan Precision is launching new products, focusing on the promotion of adjustment-free die heads, fully automatic closed-loop adjustment die heads, anti-mechanical wear M1 coating positive die heads, and anti-electrochemical wear C1 coating negative die heads. In terms of area densitometer, Dr. Cao Guoping focused on the slit-type X-ray area densitometer. When this product is used to measure the surface density of the positive electrode coating and the thinned area, it does not need to add a laser sensor or a laser integrated machine. Directly realize the high-precision measurement of the thickness and the length of the thinned area of u200bu200bthe positive electrode coating, while maintaining the high repeatability of the areal density measurement (3σ) ±0.05g/㎡. In addition, this product can also be used for small pole area density measurement, surface density over-limit defective product inkjet marking, Ruiqi Precision independently designed and developed a proprietary inkjet marking method and software system, and the accuracy of the marking position is ±5mm. In terms of machine vision, the important products of Huashi series CCD include size inspection system, surface defect inspection system, positioning inspection system, closed loop correction system, marking and inkjet system, which are widely used in coating size and alignment detection, and coating the surface of pole piece Defect inspection, slitting surface defect inspection and size inspection, die cutting surface defect inspection, winding misalignment inspection, lamination positioning inspection, etc. The pole piece size and surface, positioning detection system has rich and powerful functional modules, which can realize online measurement, process control, remote monitoring, data storage and analysis, and real-time line graph presentation. Huashi's inspection system uses high-quality brand cameras/lenses to make the inspection more stable. It can transmit data through the real-time communication system and the host computer bus. The mechanical structure is reasonable and foolproof, and the operation and control system is simple and easy to use. In addition, this system has specially customized imported high-brightness lamp beads with ultra-long life light source. It is reported that the three companies of Shangchuan Precision, Sharp Precision, and Huashi Intelligent belong to the same group company. The three companies will regard service as the core of their synergy and make continuous efforts to ensure the consistency of coating.
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