Advantages and application fields of graphene materials

by:CTECHi     2021-07-27

Currently, new materials represented by graphene have been included in the '13th Five-Year Plan' national strategic emerging industry development plan. Among many new materials, graphene is a well-deserved 'star'.

Advantages of graphite materials

1. Excellent conductivity:

Carrier electrons and holes in graphene are Continuously, the mobility can reach 1×105 cm2/Vs, and the transmission speed of electrons reaches 1/300 of the speed of light, which greatly exceeds the transmission speed in general metal conductors and semiconductors, so it has excellent conductivity.

2. Ultra-high light transmittance:

The absorbance of single-layer graphene in a wide wavelength range is only 2.3%, which is the light transmittance of single-layer graphene It reaches 97.7%, which is far higher than the 85% requirement of the international general standard for transparent conductive film.

3. Ultra-high strength:

Graphene is found to be the material with the highest elastic modulus and strength after carbon nanotubes. Its strength is 100 times that of the best steel in the world, and its hardness is higher than that of diamond, the hardest material in nature. At the same time, it has excellent flexibility and can be bent at will.

4. Ultra-high thermal conductivity:

Similar to graphite, diamond and carbon nanotubes, graphene also has very high thermal conductivity, and the free-state single-layer graphene is The thermal conductivity at room temperature can reach 5000 W/mK, which is currently the material with the highest thermal conductivity known.

5. Large specific surface area:

Since the thickness of graphene is only one carbon atom thick, single-layer graphene has a large specific surface area, which can reach 2630m2/g, which is much larger The specific surface area of u200bu200bordinary activated carbon.

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