5 Surprisingly Common Deaths You Never Considered

by:CTECHi     2020-04-16
We are all, each of us, living in amovic, where a random brake failure on a nearby bus can erase you from Earth.
If you\'re lucky
In the bus scene, you can put on your pants.
Do you know how many people died in the toilet?
We don\'t know, but to be honest, any numbers are too high.
That\'s why we pay attention to the toilet. -
Footrest that helps us to keep the correct posture in case we get stuck with the special poopin walkie talkie and of course.
Wrong toilet snake in 357 Magnan.
But no matter how careful you are, something completely harmless will still kill you. For instance . . .
Cleaning your barbecue will break your intestines. you keep the barbecue clean, right? Good. That\'s good.
It can\'t save you. -
In fact, it might kill you. -
But at least your meat is not disgusting.
Look, the wires on those stiff BBQ cleaning brushes often loose and fall off.
When they do, they may fall out of the cracks and leave.
Or they can stick to the next food you put on the grill and then enter your body like a Troy warrior with a delicious meat horse.
Once they enter your body, they enter your digestive system.
It doesn\'t take genius to think that extremely sharp pieces of metal in the gut are not a good thing.
The complicated thing is that these wires are very thin and hard to use x-
Rays, so doctors often can\'t explain why you suddenly feel like you\'re eating something under the name \"cowboy\" in Carl\'s Jr.
Instead of healthy grilled chicken breast.
These small wires are sent to the emergency room between 2002 and 2014, but doctors are often able to be there and then remove them.
Laparoscopic (or snakey-required-
Arm) surgery to remove objects, still-less-
Lucky victims have to be hacked. school way.
A man waiting for two weeks for medical aid has almost died.
When the doctor finally found his internal organs, they found out
So you can do this: never clean up your BBQ.
If something is dangerous, the opposite must be safe.
It\'s like how dangerous bungee jumping is, but statistically jet backpacks are the safest way to travel. We assume.
4 resilient houses will murder your child, healthier than a good old man --
A resilient house?
Your child is free to drain all the excess energy because the walls are made of air and they can\'t even hurt themselves.
Completely interesting, completely safe.
Unless there is wind.
Between 1990 and 2010, the bounce house sent an estimate to the hospital.
In a decent gust, the damn thing flew up ---
Yes, even if there are a bunch of kids in it.
When the five children in the bounce room were lifted away and flew into some wires, they were injured at point A (don\'t worry, the children all fell from the inside before the wires hit, that is why we define this event as an unfortunate event, not a national tragedy.
In Colorado, there was a bounce house when it took off and traveled 300 feet kilometers.
In New York, a bounce house, the two were very serious when it took off and expelled the occupants to a hard sidewalk.
The bounce house was apparently unhappy with the extent of the child\'s slaughter and then collided with a school.
To ensure the welfare of children, and more importantly, to avoid litigation, inflatable toy CEO Tom Amberg advocated, paying attention to the winds of more than 20 miles per hour, don\'t let your drunk dad set it up looking for a good warranty.
Now, the latter won\'t save your child, but at least you\'ll get free bounce house repairs and blood removal. 3 E-
Cigarettes will explode on your face.
Cigarettes give addictive people the nicotine they need, without the extra crap they find in regular cigarettes.
\"Healthier\" may not be the right word, but \"unhealthy\" may be accurate.
Or, if e-
There\'s no explosion in your damn face.
This often happens, by the way.
If you\'re vaporizing right now, you might want to put that thing down for a minute.
In the process of developing non-smoking products, scientists accidentally created a perfect face --rocket.
Like laptops and other devices.
Cigarettes are powered by lithium batteries filled with--
As you may remember from the recent Samsung Galaxy crash, there are explosive side effects in some unpredictable situations.
However, if your smartphone is a kind of mine placed on the thigh,
Cigarettes are missiles aimed at your mouth.
A man suffered a second time in Idaho
When his steam meeting turned nuclear, the degree of facial burns, not to mention the broken bathroom.
E-commerce around the world
Cigs are causing serious burns, even.
Or maybe you will be lucky and they will simply.
This situation provides a good marketing opportunity for ordinary cigarettes to cope with the loss of market share.
We\'re not exactly Stirling Cooper, but what we\'re thinking is something like \"cigarettes: they don\'t explode.
\"Visiting a masseuse can cause a stroke. . .
Or doctors from all over the world occupy a desolate Medical Center.
In the field between mature medicine and eccentric crystal therapy.
First of all, it is \"physiotherapy\", a more scientific and rigorous profession that requires a legal degree to practice.
Masseuse play faster and more relaxed--
There is some scientific basis behind what they do, so this is not the same level as consulting the witch doctor, but there are few regulations that allow DISIT and the scammer to come in.
Some masseuse are legal and just want to twist your back into shape.
Other people say they can healbone-
Related Diseases-
From high blood pressure to autism-
Through the secret of Allied magic.
It is very likely that the latter will kill you.
Model and social media star Katie died of a stroke in 2016.
Because strokes are unusual for 34-year-
They investigated her death.
Sure enough, Mei went to a masseur just a few hours ago to treat her neck pain.
To be fair, the treatment does address the complaint technically.
If you accidentally perform a chiropractic neck operation, it may damage or even cut off the arteries of the neck that pass through the bones of the spine and bypass the spine, because evolution has never predicted that we would spend money on people to deliberately move around with our upper spine.
Once these blood vessels are damaged, they form a clot and cut off the blood supply of the brain, causing huge problems.
Neurologists now say this is more common than previously thought.
A study reported that 35 such incidents occurred during the year.
There were 13 other incidents, including 1 and 3 patients with permanent injuries.
There are records already, but since cases are often not reported, the real numbers may be higher because who suspects chiropractor?
He has a lab coat and gloves!
Pet Zoo is a death trap for swimming with illness. You may think that the only danger inherent in the pet animal garden is the attack from the animal.
Maybe little Billy is too busy.
With a goat, grab a cute head ass in the groin.
But the biggest risk is that pets in the zoo are badly affected by illness.
Almost everything in the pet zoo was licked or pulled by an animal less than 30 seconds ago.
Then the kids came--
As a child, he touched everything they saw, and there was at least one between 2000 and 2012.
Food poisoning of E. coli, salmonella and cryptospores directly related to pet zoo.
An average of nearly three outbreaks a year. No!
Who would suspect that a small pen full of animal feces could be a breeding ground for disease! ?
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