Zhuhai Guanyu Battery Technology Innovation Board IPO has been accepted!

by:CTECHi     2021-09-05
On November 5th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange accepted 3 new companies' sci-tech innovation board listing applications, and a total of 475 companies have been accepted. Zhuhai Guanyu Battery Co., Ltd. ('Zhuhai Guanyu') is among them! Zhuhai Guanyu is mainly engaged in the Ru0026D, production and sales of consumer polymer soft-pack lithium-ion batteries, as well as power lithium-ion batteries. The company’s important product is a polymer soft-packed lithium-ion battery. The company's products have the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life, safety and reliability. In the field of consumer batteries, Zhuhai Guanyu has long served the world's leading manufacturers of laptops, tablets and smartphones, and is one of the world's leading suppliers of consumer polymer soft pack lithium-ion batteries. According to statistics from TechnoSystems Research, in 2019, Zhuhai Guanyu ranked second in the world in total shipments of lithium-ion batteries for laptops and tablets, and ranked fourth in the world for shipments of lithium-ion batteries for smartphones. According to the prospectus, Zhuhai Guanyu plans to issue no more than about 158 u200bu200bmillion shares this time, and plans to raise about 3.249 billion yuan. The company will use this fund-raising plan for the Zhuhai polymer lithium-ion battery production base construction project, the Chongqing lithium-ion battery cell packaging production line project, the Ru0026D center upgrade construction project, and the supplementary working capital project. : Regarding the performance of Zhuhai Guanyu’s prospectus, according to the prospectus, in 2017, 2018, 2019 and January-June 2020, Zhuhai Guanyu’s operating income was 2.935 billion yuan, 4.747 billion yuan, and 53 billion yuan respectively. 31 million yuan and 2.696 billion yuan, of which the main business income is all the core technology product income. The net profit attributable to the parent in the same period was -246 million yuan, 222 million yuan, 430 million yuan, and 254 million yuan. : Zhuhai Guanyu’s prospectus In terms of gross profit margins that are closely related to performance, Zhuhai Guanyu’s gross profit margin has increased year by year. For example, the gross profit margin of its main business has risen from 10.77% in 2017 to January-June 2020. 29.80%! : As for the research and development of Zhuhai Guanyu's prospectus, as of June 30, 2020, Zhuhai Guanyu has 1,322 Ru0026D and technical personnel, and has obtained 219 patents, including 26 invention patents, 191 utility model patents, and appearance 2 design patents. In terms of output, the output of Zhuhai Guanyu has shown an upward trend year by year. In 2017, 2018, 2019, and January-June 2020, the output was 145 million, 185 million, and 253 million, respectively. And 115 million, the yield utilization rate was 80.64%, 91.08%, 83.38% and 86.93%, respectively. : The sales price of Zhuhai Guanyu's prospectus products was 23.90 yuan/unit in 2017, but the price increased to 27.33 yuan/unit in 2018. Starting in 2018, the price has been decreasing, and the average price from January to June of 2020 is 25.64 yuan per piece. : Zhuhai Guanyu prospectus customers, in the field of consumer batteries, Zhuhai Guanyu and HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer, Microsoft, Amazon and other notebook and tablet manufacturers, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, Motorola, ZTE, etc. Smartphone manufacturers, as well as drones and smart wear manufacturers such as DJI, BOSE, and Facebook, have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships, and have entered the supply chain system of Apple, Samsung, VIVO and other manufacturers. In the field of power batteries, the company has entered the supply chain system of Haojue, Cummins, China Motors and other manufacturers. From January to June 2020, the top five direct sales customers of Zhuhai Guanyu are Xinpu Technology, Xiaomi, Jiabaiyu, Shunda, and HP. Zhuhai Guanyu does not have a situation where the proportion of sales to a single direct customer or terminal customer exceeds 50% of the main business income or depends on a small number of customers. : In terms of the top five suppliers in the prospectus of Zhuhai Guanyu, the top five suppliers from January to June 2020 are Hengtong Group, Xiamen Tungsten New Energy, Putailai, Sojitz, and Shanshan. In fact, among the top five suppliers in 2019, Bamo Technology and Desai Group fell out of the top five, and Sojitz and Shanshan shares were new entrants. : Zhuhai Guanyu Prospectus Looking forward to the future, Zhuhai Guanyu stated that the company will continue to develop its current main business, based on the field of consumer batteries, maintain its leading position in the notebook computer battery industry, and further increase the market share of mobile phone batteries while expanding Business in other application areas, such as drone batteries, smart wearable device batteries, etc. In the power lithium battery market, Zhuhai Guanyu will gradually extend its business from current car start-stop batteries and electric motorcycle batteries to pure electric vehicle batteries and energy storage batteries, continuously expanding the company’s power lithium battery business scale and enhancing market competitiveness , And strive to make the company reach a new level within five years!
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