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by:CTECHi     2019-12-14
Some of the world\'s most expensive and rare models will come to the UK next month.
From F1 legend to one-
In addition to the Supercars, the January performance motor show and the international motor sport are essential for the oil giant.
Some of the most hardcore track and field players and some of the fastest British building models made their debut in the UK.
Highlights include the Jaguar xe sv Project 8, the McLaren 5070 S GT4 and the unique V8 Ford Mustang.
The priceless series will also feature several special Ferrari models including Schumacher\'s 2004 F1 and Ferrari FXX-
Tracking weapons.
This is our turn.
Show the rarest, sexiest and most expensive cars.
There are 6 cars on this XX program. 3-
The liter V12 and a power unit, compared to its predecessor FXX-K.
This is the first time that XX plans to make its debut in the UK, and this is its first time to participate in an event outside Italy. track debut.
Using the expertise of the F1 team, FXX-
K Evo produces more than 1, 000bhp-from its V12 power unit and track-
Only cars produce more than 830 kg of the pressure at the highest speed.
It was driven by a pair of twins.
The shape is fixed on the wing at the tail and works seamlessly with the active rear spoiler. The twin-
The rear wing is supported by two side fins and a central fin.
Debut in the UK is the 2018 Volkswagen Golf gti tcr-
A development of last year\'s series --
Win the car.
Gti tcr is designed for customer sports competitions and is a hardcore track
Only weapon, wide body 18-
Many heights between inch racing wheels and adjustable aluminum rear wings
Performance features. Powered by a 2. 0-litre race-
Gti tcr is the latest development of the popular extensive racing heritage and is a turbine engine.
The most powerful legal Jaguar Highway ever
Xe sv Project 8-
Will be in display.
No more than 300 projects 8 s will be built by hand, all with thunderous 592bhp. 0-
Boost v8
This will certainly be immediately welcomed by the audience throughout the four-day program, which has recently become the fastest-produced program --
The specifications of the RV are always circled in newborgreen.
One of the most dominant racing cars in F1 history, f2003 won 15 F1 games in 2004 season, creating a record
Break the seventh world champion for Schumacher.
The legendary driver also got a single.
The season record for 13 games and f04 still keep the lap record for seven games in the world. Its 3.
When the wings get bigger, the 0 liter V10 engine is able to approach horsepower, the rear suspension is redesigned to reduce excessive wear on the tires, the exhaust unit is also smaller, and the benefits of aerodynamics. The GT3 -
With its 493bhp Cupderived 4. 0-litre engine -
Continue the legacy of the Porsche GT model as an unbeatable driving car.
Its sad sign is the red line of 9,000 rpm, class-
With a leading chassis and suspension system, the GT3 quickly topped many Porsche wishlists.
562bhp twin with its innovative carbon fiber structure, reworked external packaging
Turbo V8 and lots of cutting
Edge technology, 570 S is a gem in the McLaren sports seriesup. The GT4-
The Spec aero package includes a large rear wing for increased down pressure, as well as a engraved front bumper and a large front splitter.
It is also equipped with light magnesium alloy wheels and Pirelli smooth tires.
Liberty Walk EU is one of the largest brands in the field of supersports car modification, and it will launch a customized Ford Mustang. The 5. 0-
V8 Mustang with 0 cars60 time of 4.
The 6-second and power output of the 418 bhp also has the latest 2018 kit specifications.
Mono is the only mono in the world. seater, road-
Legal supercar for its excellent performance and one-of-a-
Friendly features. The Liverpool-
US-based manufacturers will release 2018 mono for the first time, including a range of new standard technologies, including light lithium. ion battery.
At the NEC auto show in Birmingham, the International Auto Show was held at the same time as the international auto show.
The two shows began in January 11-14, with special guest appearances from The Legend of race and the official launch of 2018 World Rally Championship. Visit the Performance Auto Show website or Autosport International to learn how to get tickets
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