Yiwei Lithium Energy Soft Pack Battery Speeds Up 'Upward'

by:CTECHi     2021-09-14
Recently, Yiwei Lithium Energy announced that the 10,000th NCM soft-pack passenger car of the XP power lithium battery project has successfully rolled off the assembly line. It is not difficult to see that the important customer for this power lithium battery project is Xiaopeng Automobile. Data show that as of March this year, the cumulative delivery of Xiaopeng Motors exceeded 50,000 units. Power lithium battery suppliers are refined from many directions, and the supporting contribution of Yiwei Lithium to break 10,000 units has undoubtedly become one of the core suppliers of Xiaopeng Motors. As the head company of new car-making forces, Xiaopeng Motors has maintained a good sales status. The successive mass production and delivery of new models will further benefit the supporting battery suppliers. Another point of information worthy of attention is that Yiwei Lithium’s soft-pack batteries are rapidly increasing. In addition to the important domestic supply of Xiaopeng Motors, Yiwei's lithium-energy ternary soft-pack battery is also entering the release period when it enters the overseas market. Liu Jincheng, chairman of Yiwei Lithium Energy, publicly stated that in 2020, about 3GWh of Yiwei lithium energy soft pack batteries will be delivered, and the production of 10GWh soft packs this year will achieve full production and sales. As evidenced by the data, Yiwei Lithium Energy's 2020 annual report shows that the company's power lithium battery revenue reached 4.064 billion yuan, an increase of 93% year-on-year. The important reason is the rapid increase in overseas sales of soft-pack ternary batteries. In the first quarter of this year, benefiting from sufficient orders for soft-pack ternary batteries in the passenger car sector, Yiwei Lithium Power Lithium Battery sales increased by 302.21% year-on-year. In terms of technology, Yiwei Lithium Energy has developed a soft pack battery product with an energy density of more than 300Wh/kg and a cycle life of more than 1800 times. At the same time, the system level has achieved a module life that is more than 50% longer than the battery cell life. In terms of production line improvement, Yiwei Lithium has achieved zero-kilometer defects of 24PPM in 2020 and 0PPM in Q1 of 2021, and achieved zero-kilometer defects of 0PPM for 6 months, becoming a benchmark company for soft packs. In terms of production planning for soft pack batteries, Yiwei Lithium Energy's soft pack production is about 10GWh, and the joint venture with SKI has 27GWh. According to the plan, Yiwei Lithium Energy will also increase the output of 16GWh soft pack batteries. By then, Yiwei's overall output of lithium soft-pack batteries will reach 53GWh.
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