Yiwei Lithium Energy plans to raise a total of no more than 2.5 billion yuan and will vigorously increase its lithium-ion battery business

by:CTECHi     2021-08-26
Yiwei Lithium Energy (300014) announced on October 8 that it plans to privately issue no more than 170 million shares, and the total amount of funds raised will not exceed 2.5 billion yuan. After deducting the issuance costs, all the net proceeds will be used for 'Jingmen Yiwei Energy storage power lithium-ion battery project' and 'High-performance lithium-ion battery project for the Internet of Things'. It is understood that the construction period of the Jingmen Yiwistron Energy Storage Power Lithium-ion Battery Project is 2 years. According to calculations, during the operation period of the project, it is estimated that the average annual operating income will be 4.086 billion yuan, and the net profit will be 257 million yuan; it will be used for the Internet of Things. The construction period of the high-performance lithium-ion battery project is 2 years. According to calculations, during the project operation period, it is estimated that the average annual operating income will be 999 million yuan and the net profit will be 80,912,200 yuan. Since its establishment, Yiwei Lithium Energy has been focusing on the research and development, processing and sales of lithium-ion batteries. Following the technological development path of the lithium-ion battery industry, it has now formed three types of lithium primary batteries, consumer lithium-ion batteries and energy storage power lithium-ion batteries. The major business sector is one of the few battery manufacturers in the industry with diversified processing capabilities for lithium-ion batteries. In 2016 and 2017, the company's lithium-ion battery sales revenue increased by 160.40% and 67.43%, respectively. In recent years, as the downstream use market for consumer lithium-ion batteries continues to heat up, the company's brand influence continues to increase, and the sales scale of Yiwei lithium-energy consumer lithium-ion batteries has continued to expand, the output has gradually become saturated, and the market demand is relatively strong; at the same time; , Yiwei Lithium has been engaged in the consumer lithium-ion battery business for nearly 10 years, and some processing equipment has gradually entered the aging stage, and the corresponding output will gradually be phased out. Under such circumstances, Yiwei Lithium Energy can only continuously improve the level of processing automation and accelerate the construction of new advanced production in order to effectively deal with the production bottleneck and consolidate the company's advantageous position in the field of consumer lithium-ion batteries. Yiwei Lithium Energy's high-quality output of energy storage power lithium-ion batteries and consumer lithium-ion batteries is regarded as a further improvement and deepening of the three-point business layout of lithium primary batteries, consumer lithium-ion batteries and energy storage power lithium batteries. Urgent move. Yiwei Lithium Energy stated that, on the one hand, the implementation of fundraising projects will reduce overall costs and further enhance the company’s profitability. On the other hand, it will help the company to comprehensively improve the manufacturing capabilities of high-end lithium-ion batteries, making the company gradually become an important market segment. The leading company is the inevitable choice to achieve the strategic goal of 'big and strong' in the high-end lithium-ion battery category. It is worth noting that in the process of rapid development of the company, Yiwei Lithium can raise funds through various financing channels to meet the requirements of production construction, and the asset ratio has increased year by year, reaching 62.7% as of June 30. Yiwei Lithium Energy stated that the funds raised from the non-public offering of shares will effectively meet the company’s construction investment needs for the company’s 'Jingmen Yiwei Energy Storage Power Lithium-ion Battery Project' and 'High-performance Lithium-ion Battery Project for the Internet of Things' , While deepening the company’s business layout and achieving the company’s strategic goals, it further optimizes the asset structure and reduces financial risks. Yiwei Lithium Energy also stated that after the completion of this issuance, due to the process and time required for new projects to generate benefits, financial indicators such as earnings per share and weighted average return on equity may decline to a certain extent in a short period of time. With the completion of fundraising projects and the expansion of other businesses, the company's overall profitability and profitability will continue to improve. As of the noon closing time, Yiwei Lithium Energy reported 13.66 yuan, down 3.8%. Huizhou Yiwei Lithium Energy Co., Ltd. is the largest supplier of high-energy lithium primary batteries in my country and the fifth in the world. It is a leading company in new lithium battery energy with self-service intellectual property rights and international cash technology. Since its establishment in 2001, Huizhou Yiwei Lithium Energy Co., Ltd. has revolved around the company’s core values u200bu200bof 'pursuing excellence, quality first, creating value, believing in words, and teamwork'. After 10 years of rapid development, it has now become my country A leading company in the lithium-ion battery industry; the company was listed on the Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market in October 2009 and was one of the first 28 GEM companies (stock code: 300014SZ). Yiwei Lithium Energy has always adhered to independent development and technological innovation. It currently has 85 national patents, of which 2 invention patents have been awarded the 'my country Patent Excellence Award' by the State Intellectual Property Office. The primary lithium ion battery category such as manganese oxide and lithium/iron disulfide has the advantages of technology and processing scale. The company's important product, lithium/thionyl chloride batteries, has a leading domestic market share, and has become one of the world's important suppliers of green high-energy lithium-ion batteries with international advanced technology. Products are widely used in global smart meters, automotive electronics, security, data communications and intelligent transportation. Yiwei Lithium Energy has become a national key high-tech company and a provincial-level company technology center. It has won the my country Patent Excellence Award and the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology. Yiwei’s brand and products have been widely recognized by customers and all walks of life, and its market share Continue to improve.
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