worldwide flexible battery market: rising popularity of wearable devices to drive growth, says tmr

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Global Flexible battery market: wearables are becoming more and more popular, driving growth, tmr pr Newswire ALBANY, New York, June 27, 2017, ALBANY, New York, June 27, 2017/PRNewswire /--
According to a new publication by Transparency Market Research, due to the presence of a large number of manufacturers, flexible batterymarket presents a decentralized pattern of suppliers (TMR).
However, TMR analysts said that more than 65% of the market share in 2016 was held by the top four companies.
The key players in this market are the innovation and development of products to gain a competitive advantage.
These products were developed to comply with the simplified safety standards of regulators.
Samsung SDI, for example. Ltd.
Focus on introducing advanced materials and efficient Li-
Ion flexible batteries that increase market share.
Introduction to Gao-
Low-power end products are also growth strategies adopted by the company.
In 2016, the global flexible battery market ushered in a $230 business opportunity.
Expanded with an amazing 32.
During the period from 2017 to 9%, the market grew at a compound rate of 2025 and is expected to be valued at $2437. 6 mn by 2025.
On the basis of end users, the market is divided into consumer electronics, smart packaging, healthcare, transportation and logistics.
Smart packaging and consumer electronics are the main end users of flexible batteries.
The leading 32 is North America.
The share of markets in other regions of the world in 2016 was 5% per cent.
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Authorized flexible batteries that provide extended battery life have contributed to growth in the global flexible battery market driven by several factors.
This includes growing demand for wearable devices such as smart bracelets and smart watches.
As health awareness increases, demand for these devices is increasing to monitor health status
Conducive to the pursuit.
In addition, the growing demand for flexible batteries in the healthcare sector will have a positive impact on the growth of the market.
Progress of the Internet of Things (IoT)
In terms of the new design that traditional batteries lack, technology has had a positive impact on the flexible battery market.
Flexible batteries equipped with the Internet of Things improve energy efficiency and prolong battery life. The eco-
The friendly nature of flexible batteries with little environmental impact has also accelerated their adoption in several application areas.
Cost of flexible battery-
Effective due to the presence of a small amount of lithium carbonate, lithium carbonate is cheap compared to nickel or cobalt in other batteries.
Battery manufacturers and recycling organizations are easy to handle these batteries, which increases the advantage of adopting flexible batteries.
Therefore, because it is not a hazardous waste, flexible batteries are conducive to reducing pollution, saving natural resources and having a low impact on the environment.
High manufacturing costs limit widespread adoption at the low end, create high initial costs in designing and developing flexible batteries, and come from low-cost alternatives (such as lithium-
Ion, nickel and zinc batteries are key factors that hinder the demand of these batteries.
However, technological advances have led to the development of flexible batteries with the benefits of improved design and extended battery life, and are expected to accelerate the demand for flexible batteries from IoT device manufacturers.
In addition, the continuous development of electronic equipment makes people more and more demand for ultra-thin electronic equipment.
Thin film batteries create opportunities for the flexible battery market.
Browse the press release: the information provided is based on a copy published by transparent market research company called \"flexible battery market (Chargeability -
Rechargeable flexible batteries and flexible batteries for one-time use; Product Type -
Polymer battery, film and printed battery, flexible zinc carbon battery and advanced lithium ion battery; End User -
Consumer electronics, healthcare, smart packaging, transportation and logistics)-
Global Industry Analysis, scale, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2017-2025.
Global Flexible battery market by Rechargeable: Global Flexible battery market * rechargeable flexible battery * flexible battery for one-time use global flexible battery market * by product type
Polymer Battery * film and printed battery * Flexible zinc carbon battery * advanced lithium ion battery global flexible battery market, global flexible battery market (by geographical location ): * Consumer Electronics * Healthcare * smart packaging * Shipping & Logistics * other global flexible Battery Market by End User
North America * United StatesS.
* Other parts of North America-Europe *U. K.
* Germany * France * Italy * other parts of Europe-
Asia Pacific * China * India * Korea * Other Asia Pacific region-
Latin America * Brazil * other parts of Latin America-
Middle East and Africa (MEA)
* UAE * Saudi Arabia * other regions of the Middle East and Africa related research report of TMR: * lithium-
Lithium-Ion Battery market: * electricity banking market: * lithium-ion battery and battery pack Market: Research on the Australian market (TMR)
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