Within three years, Jiangsu Dayi purchased 150 million ternary cylindrical lithium batteries of various shapes from Tianpeng Power

by:CTECHi     2021-08-21

On April 3, Jiangsu Tianpeng Power Supply Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Tianpeng Power Supply') and Jiangsu Dayi Electromechanical Tools Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Jiangsu Dayi') signed the 'Strategic Procurement Cooperation Agreementattention. The agreement shows that Jiangsu Dayi intends to purchase 150 million ternary cylindrical lithium batteries of various shapes from Tianpeng Power Supply within the three years from 2019 to 2021.

According to the 2018 annual report of Tianpeng Power’s parent company, Aoyangshunchang, Tianpeng Power, as a high-tech enterprise, has focused on the production of ternary cylindrical power lithium batteries for many years and has been actively deploying The research and development of ternary high nickel and silicon carbon system has rich technology and market precipitation in the field of electric tools. Tianpeng Power is the first to mass-produce NCA ternary cylindrical power lithium batteries in China. In terms of high nickel NCA product reserves, it has completed the technical reserve of 18650 model 3.5AH products. In addition to the technological improvement of the 18650 model product, Tianpeng Power has completed the technical reserve of the 21700 model lithium battery, and is planning the construction of the 21700 production line. In 2018, of the two 18650 production lines under construction of Tianpeng Power, one of them has been completed and the other is expected to be completed in 2019.

With more than ten years of development and management in the field of power tools and household appliances, Tianpeng Power has won the recognition of world-class customers with stable and superior product quality. Companies such as Bosch, Metabao, Black u0026 Decker, TTI, Electrolux and other companies have established long-term cooperative relations with Tianpeng Power. According to Battery China.com, Tianpeng Power has officially entered the bulk supply stage of the world's top five large power tool companies, and orders are growing rapidly. Aoyang Shunchang said that from the perspective of market strategy, the current selling price of lithium batteries for electric tools is about 10% higher than the price of lithium batteries for electric vehicles, and there is no off-peak season, and the payment status is much better than that of electric vehicles.

It is understood that Jiangsu Dayi is one of the well-known manufacturers of professional power tools in China. Its brand has been rated as one of the top ten famous brands of power tools in China, with sales for five consecutive years. The annual growth rate exceeds 100%, and it has a huge market share and brand influence in the domestic professional power tool market.

According to a recent announcement by Aoyang Shunchang, Tianpeng Power has been High-tech enterprise certificate jointly issued by Jiangsu Taxation Bureau. This is the re-identification obtained after Tianpeng Power's original high-tech enterprise certificate expires.

In this strategic cooperation, Tianpeng Energy will give full play to its own technological advantages, and take advantage of Jiangsu Dayi’s high visibility and strong market share in the power tool market to consolidate Tianpeng The power supply has a leading position in the domestic power tool lithium battery industry.

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