Wireless Floor Lamp Is in the Experimental Stage

by:CTECHi     2019-12-26
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Wireless floor lamps are available here. Or are they?
Last week, Habitat, Inc. was announced.
It is considered the first floor lamp in the United States for battery operation.
\"This is reality,\" said Paul Mayen, chief designer of lighting attention, the company serves architects and interior designers through its New York office located at 336 Third Avenue. “But,” Mr.
Mayen added cautiously, \"We are not sure if it is a marketable product.
\"The problematic light column is a 52-meter-high white plastic cylinder with a diameter of 12 inch.
The hidden center shaft of the charging light contains 18 small batteries and as many bulbs as possible.
Last week, thanks to the introduction of the lights in the American part of the international design exhibition \"three enn\" in Milan, Italy, this development was realized.
This lamp can also be seen at the Habitat factory in Jersey City.
The advertising lighting company initially wanted to produce the lamp by next January.
But according to Mr.
Mayen, what\'s the cost of wireless? nder (
Prices from $150 to $250
Must be worked out before the lights go public.
The ads, he said, \"If they can be sold for about $150, we may produce them . \".
The floor lamp operated by Battery will eliminate the winding of wires on the floor of the home, which has been expected for a long time.
Wireless desk lamps and garden lighting have been introduced to restaurants and homes in recent years.
The design of the classic pillar created by Mr.
Mayen solved some of the problems with the floor lamp operated by battery, but not all of them.
The enclosed plastic cylinder at the top hides the center shaft of the battery and bulb, which is translucent enough to allow an excellent diffusion of light.
To maintain a complete cylindrical design, Mr.
Mayen uses a hidden switch device that operates by slightly twisting the entire cylinder.
\"It\'s easy for a 2 year old to turn it on or off,\" Mr. Mayen said.
In addition to the price, there are practical methods to be studied for dimming control and charging the lamp.
\"It is a simple thing to charge the desk lamp by selecting;
Sir, lift it up and put it on the plug.
\"But the floor lamp is not so portable,\" said Mayen.
\"A version of this file was printed on page 21 of the New York edition on August 24, 1964, with the title: The wireless floor lamp is in the experimental phase.
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