wireless battery banks, custom cases, and more cool phone accessories from mwc

by:CTECHi     2020-01-03
When we attended this year\'s Mobile World Conference, we assumed that all the focus was on the Samsung Galaxy S9, but we also had some surprises.
First of all, Nokia is definitely not using one, but stealing the limelight with five amazing novice machines.
5g to market is also a major focus.
We must never forget Asus Zenfone 5 and all the other iPhone clones we saw while roaming the lobby.
But under the hustle and bustle of new phones and 5g, we see some awesome smartphone accessories hidden in the corners and gaps of MWC\'s overwhelming Hall.
Here are our favorite smartphone accessories.
Tronsmart, a manufacturer of hybrid smartphone accessories, introduces digital trends to the latest AirAmp hybrid wireless charging bank.
In addition to 5 w wireless device charging, AirAmp hybrid wireless charging bank offers 10,000 mAh battery backup and 15 w USB-
Fast charging technology.
The AirAmp hybrid wireless charging Library is sturdy in design and compact in shape, making it easy to fit into a backpack or bag.
From: TronsmartOne to buy the accessories we absolutely love on this year\'s MWC, Andi line offers different wireless chargers for each use scenario.
In addition to its absolute charm, Andi offers a range of smartphone cases that allow you to connect your device magnetic to any of its wireless chargers.
At present, the supply in parts of Europe is limited, but we sincerely hope to see this line in the United States. S.
In the near future
Source of purchase: while popsockpuppets are still our favorite smartphone handle, a cute replacement for Kakao Friends cute ring.
This fun accessory can be used as a smartphone handle or as a stand for TV and YouTube streaming.
Although Kakao friend\'s cute ring is a bit expensive for $20, your friend will definitely love it.
Source of purchase: Hey eonnib in Virginia, Case Station offers some of the most interesting cases we \'ve seen at this year\'s Mobile World Congress.
The Case Station has licensed products, artist collections, and even custom cases, with a large number of smartphone cases that will certainly satisfy anyone.
In addition to the Case of about 30 different smartphones, Case Station offers a range of Apple straps.
From purchase: Case station offers stylish charging options for homes and businesses, and Gloo allows you to charge multiple devices at a time.
In addition to charging, Gloo has a huge battery backup that can provide an extra cost for up to eight smartphones.
Deconct also offers 360
It automatically uploads images to the degree camera option of Facebook\'s Gloo base.
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