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Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 16/6/12 (2542 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. iOS6 —
This week, Apple\'s new ios 6 is a hot topic at the Global Developer Conference.
The software introduces more powerful Siri, as well as FaceTime for 3g, improved maps and emails, and other minor improvements.
The first thing I want to introduce is \"smarter\" Siri.
She now has the ability to find out the latest score in the basketball game.
She can book the restaurant and even find the movie time
Perfect choice for dating.
She did perform a bit well in the game score test, but she did well when asked about player stats and schedules.
Apple also integrated FaceBook into the iPhone.
Our social media-
The need of a hungry society
You can now link your device directly to FaceBook and sync contacts.
You can share it from photos and a variety of other apps such as maps.
Siri will even update your status for you.
Finally, Apple gives users the ability to set up VIP mailing lists, so there is nothing important that is not read.
Since iCloud is enabled, it is accessible from all iOS devices.
This is a few highlights of the new software.
Overall, I think Apple has made its devices smarter and easier to use.
So far, Apple seems to be moving in the right direction.
The reason your phone battery runs out of the iPhone 4, especially the 4S, is notorious for its poor battery life.
To extend battery life, you can reduce the brightness and turn off Bluetooth.
But what is the real reason your battery is dead?
A research team at Purdue University conducted a study showing a dozen apps that seriously damaged the battery life of the phone.
The first application they said was battery.
Google Maps is the killer.
This makes sense because it uses so much data and phone RAM.
Another app that is not good for battery use is the Facebook app.
Not only is this app very slow, it\'s not a friend for your battery.
Here\'s a big tip to help save battery life: Double-click the home button, press and hold an app, and then the \"X\" button will appear, allowing you to close all currently open apps.
Apple released a MacBook with retina display and an ios 6 announcement on last week\'s WWDC, with a new MacBook released. The 15-
The inch model will be equipped with a Retina display.
The screen on the MacBook is absolutely beautiful and very thin.
Specifications are as follows :-OS X Lion (
Free upgrade to Mountain Lion in July)—15. 4-
Inch retina display (2880ó1800), 220ppi—
Battery: 7 hours wireless network, 30-
Daily standby, 95 W-hour lithium-Polymer battery-Processor: 2. 3GHz quad-
Intel Core i7 (3.
3 with Turbo)for base model;
Configurable to 2. 7GHz quad-
Intel Core i7 processor (
Turbo up to 3. 7GHz)—RAM: 8GB (up to 16GB)—
Storage: 256 GB, 512 GB or 768 GB-
Camera: 720 p FaceTime HD camera-Bluetooth: 4. 0—
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics card 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M with 1 GB GDDR5 memory I, I am very ecstatic about the new addition of this MacBook.
Apple did a good job.
The only downside is that it can be quite expensive for some people.
Starting at $2,199.
It seems to me that with these new specs and new screens, the price is perfectly reasonable. Aperture vs.
Before I start the debate, I\'m talking about the aperture of the average consumer, not the photographer or the media.
For those who don\'t know, Aperture is Apple\'s premium software for $199.
You can compare the aperture to the iPhoto, just like the final clip of iMovie. I own Aperture.
I use it to edit all my photos.
When I use this software, I like it very much.
But I don\'t think it\'s anything special different from iPhoto, and there\'s nothing better than iPhoto.
You can basically edit the same photo and apply the same effect.
The only good thing about the aperture I see is that you can organize your photos better and if you have a big library it runs more smoothly than iPhoto.
$199, I do not recommend upgrading to aperture for regular users. I like iPhoto.
It\'s very simple. it\'s done the work.
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