wind generators for home - should you use diy wind generators for your home?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-02
Home wind turbines are a great way to replenish energy use.
Depending on your energy needs and battery system, you can supplement all your power with an efficient generator.
The most important part of your system is the battery pack and the wind generator.
However, not all batteries are equal and your generator will not work if you do not use the right one.
Whether you\'re DIY or buying a commercial wind turbine, you should use the battery. The most important part of the system is how to store energy.
I personally don\'t buy commercial wind turbines, but that\'s what I do.
It\'s so interesting what I do myself, and they\'re not rocket science.
Most places where the system is not efficient are usually in the battery pack.
There are different types of batteries, and the batteries used for the electrical storage of this nature should be deep circulating batteries.
The lead plate of the deep cycle battery is very thick and usually heavy.
If you think you can store and use your electricity with a car battery. . .
Your battery will expire prematurely.
This is due to the fact that SLI batteries are made differently from deep-cycle batteries and lead inside is eaten.
The SLI battery is designed for fast electrical needs rather than long electrical drainage.
Deep cycle battery like L-
Forklift batteries are designed for discharge and charging for a long time.
Wind turbines for home use-
If you have a 1 kW hour wind generator, it is as efficient as the battery shift valve, but it is still only as effective as storage.
That\'s why your battery pack is probably the most important part of the system.
I would rather have a 400kw hour wind generator with a good deep cycle battery pack than a 1kwh generator with a semi-good battery pack.
You should also consider that the small wind generator will run at a lower speed and continuously charge your battery.
Just find some good deep cycle batteries for your battery pack and you won\'t have a battery failure too early.
I have a hard time learning this lesson. . .
So I\'ll pass on the tips in hopes of saving a battery or two. . . hundred. . .
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