Why you shouldn\'t expect a long-lasting smartphone battery any time soon

by:CTECHi     2020-03-16
This happens to everyone with a powerful smartphone.
You wake up in the morning and reach out to the bedside table to pick up your phone, only to find that you forgot to plug in the charging cable.
Now the battery indicator is flashing in red.
You might as well kiss your productivity on your way to and from work. goodbye.
While advances in smartphone technology may not seem easy for many users, battery life has never been as stressful as it is to reach the next level.
It\'s not just checking email and social media all day long, you\'re lucky to be able to use it one day.
Try to play high-
Resolution video or graphics-
Intensive games over 90 seconds, all bets are canceled.
Apple event: the smaller iPhone, the iPad\'s pro-expectation that the iPhone\'s smart battery will increase the call time in March 21, the month of the launch of the Galaxy S7 and S7 side smartphone, recently, VR camera on battery life issues with Dr on the Reddit network. ask me any questions together, or AMA
Dee Strand\'s wild cat discovery technology company in San Diego, California studies lithium-ion batteries, smartphones and other modern devices
To be honest, what I really want to know is when do you think my iphone [or any other smartphone] will be able to use normally for two to three days before it needs to be charged, \"the user asks.
\"I like the question,\" replied strand before answering it straight, \"and the answer may never be.
\"There are a lot of reasons for doing this, but in short, the battery life of the phone is just a problem that has to be balanced with several other issues, including shape, size and available features.
When it comes to batteries that last more than one day compared to functional and aesthetic limitations, battery life often falls in a priority position.
\"With every improvement in the battery, mobile companies want to add more features (and so do you-consumer demand drives more features ).
Larger screen, brighter display, more apps, touch screen features, etc. \"Strand wrote.
She also reminded that \"mass use\" means different things for different people.
\"If you\'re going to use an eight-hour GPS, there may not be a battery to do that,\" she said . \".
However, just using the phone for SMS and voice calls may guarantee a week\'s battery without charging.
Will you buy a thicker phone?
\"I think people want thinner phones and they won\'t be willing to compromise and buy a phone that could be half a centimeter thick,\" said Patricko \'Rourke, who commented on the tech site on the phone and gadgets.
A phone thicker than the most popular model may have to guarantee a service life of more than two to three days in order to justify a thick body, he said.
For most people, however, the juice of the day is enough.
\"As long as my phone can last from the time I wake up to the night, that\'s perfect for me,\" olock said . \".
Strander said it is theoretically possible to make batteries of the same size as the current smartphone battery, but \"twice the energy density\", \"but it is untenable, it will destroy itself in about a month.
The focus of Strand\'s work is to improve the material in the battery so that they can accommodate more lithium, thus making the battery life longer
But she said she could fly more.
The battery is still a few years away.
Extending battery life on an impressive battery life may not be the specification of the sixth smartphone, but third, it has enough demand
Party products stepped in to give the phone extra juice.
The portable power pack plugs into your phone and when you are moving it can carry enough power to charge the phone several times.
Some phone cases, like those that make byMophie, have a battery pack, so if you don\'t mind a thicker device, these products can protect your phone and extend the battery of your phone.
Besides buying batteries-
O\'roourkesuggests enhanced accessories to ensure the battery of your phone-
The Saver mode is optimized, and it usually starts automatically when you have almost no juice.
Turning off features such as app notifications and cellular data helps extend batterylife, but keeping these features is some of the main reasons why people initially use their phones.
In particular, location tracking can use a lot of battery power, especially since it can be used in multiple applications at the same time.
\"A lot of things that people use with smartphones during the day --to-
The foundation of the day does not work in power.
\"Unless you make a lot of customizations to it and keep something, I think you can do that, but that way goes against purpose,\" O\'Rourke said . \".
Models with better battery life are the most common materials used to power modern batteries, as it allows them to charge relatively quickly and charge a lot before they can\'t.
O\'rourkermends looks at the phone\'s milliamperes-
Hourly rating, usually marked mAh.
The higher the quantity, the better the battery.
The mAh rating of Samsung S7 Edge is 3,600, and the test lasted more than one and a half days and was moderately used.
\"This is the best I \'ve ever seen on asmartphone,\" o\'roourkesaid.
When the battery capacity of the iPhone 6 s Plus is 2,750, it is larger than that of other iPhone 6 models.
The upcoming LG G5, unlike most modern phones, has a removable battery, so you can carry an extra battery with you if the first one runs out.
The expansion slot is also used for modular accessories such as improved camera accessories and improved audio speaker accessories.
For those who like smart watches, the ads for Pebble Time and some other Pebble models are 7-
Battery life.
Extend the life of your smartphonetermhealth —i. e.
How many times can you charge your phone before it stops charging
Strandrecommends thistrick: keep your phone charged for 50.
\"The battery is a joy in the middle.
\"This is the healthiest place for them,\" she said . \".
\"But it\'s not practical for your phone.
You have to charge all the way in the morning so you can use it all day long.
\"But if you put your phone in the drawer for a month, maybe you put it in half --
Charging instead of charging all the way can make it longer.
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