Why You Should Always Recycle Mobile Phones for Cash

by:CTECHi     2020-03-09
Very important.Never throw your phone, phone or any other type of electronic device into the trash can.You should recycle mobile phones and appliances often.If you know why it\'s so important.The world is on budget.However, we have a demand for technologies such as the telecom industry.
But where do you think all the materials needed come from?Do you think we have endless resources?Do we take it all for granted and become so complacent?This is the world today.There must be an understanding.They say there are at least 2 families in the United States and Britain on average.9 unused mobile phones.(Which means it is more likely than 2) in the UK alone, it is estimated that about 80 million unused phones are lying around.
(130 million meters in the United States) just lie where the dust is collected and no longer used.Sadly, most of these things are so old, never used, just thrown away.When the new phone came out, so did the phone.
More sadly, it is estimated that only 10% of the garbage is actually recycled!The mobile phone contains precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum and titanium, which can be smelted and used again in the new mobile phone.If you extract all the gold from 80 million phones, get 0.2 gms per person.You end up with 16000000 gms.16 metric tons!This means a lot of gold and money is thrown away and wasted.
The mobile phone also contains toxic substances such as cadmium, lead, chickpeas, and be, as well as methyl bromide flame retardant substances used in battery capacitors in the mobile phone.These toxic substances are not decomposed and biodegradable on the ground of the landfill.For decades, they sat on the ground to release harmful toxic chemicals that would go into the water supply system and pollute the water supply system.
In London, they say, more than 80 billion Olympic-sized swimming pools are contaminated with abandoned cell phone batteries every year.A single CD cell phone battery can pollute up to 600,000 liters of water.More than one was bought by Londoners.There are 3 million new mobile phones per year, and if the old ones cannot be recovered correctly, it may pollute 820 billion liters of water.
And the drought continues.
If the phone is properly recycled, it can help (and others) to be mined in third world countries like Amazon rainforest by reducing minerals such as col charcoal, lead, copper, gold, etc, congo and Africa are destroying the natural habitat of precious animals and other lives there.Because of the high demand for such metals, people living in these countries are being exploited.For example, young children who are forced to find and peel off their metal phones.
You may have read news reports on how these children produce high levels of chemicals in their bodies and are infected with diseases such as asthma and cancer.That\'s why we need to make changes!We need to do more to recycle our phones and reduce the need for metal.If we are to have a better and brighter future, we all need to work together.
In any case, if we want to use the phone.
Like most things now, you can recycle your phone.In the past few years, mobile phone recycling has done a good job in the United States, and in the past few years, it has also made good progress in the UK.Some companies are able to recycle their phones safely.
They will even pay you!Mobile phone recycling companies usually have websites that you can register and send on your phone.They usually send you a phone payment within a few days.It\'s all very real and legitimate, and it\'s certainly a good thing.
Any form of recycling is just what we know about mobile phones and what makes them a reality.The reason they pay for your old phone or unused phone is because of the value of the phone to them.As you know, every mobile phone has precious metals that can be extracted and smelted.
The metals are then sold to mobile phone companies that reuse them when making brand new phones and other appliances.Never throw them away
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