Why the Future of Transport is Electric

by:CTECHi     2020-04-01
Stepping on the accelerator pedal on an electric car feels like there is nothing else on the road.
Your back is pressed deep.
Power supply on demand;
Move forward with a slight throttle tap. An electron-
The Fed\'s adrenaline surge did not happen by chance.
There are millions of calculations and calibrations behind every smile on the face of an electric car driver.
Manage the flow of energy-and emotion--
It belongs to the elite core of technology manufacturers.
They are the custodians of electricity.
The automobile revolution, a revolution that has just begun to accumulate momentum.
In fact, despite weak crude prices
Oil prices, electric cars are affecting passengers
The development momentum of the auto market is strong.
Leading industry experts predict that fleet operators, government and general consumers will turn to electric vehicles on a large scale as battery costs continue to decline.
The benefits of this shift to the environment cannot be overemphasized.
More people driving electric cars will help make sure the water we drink is cleaner, the air we breathe is cleaner, and the road we travel on is quieter.
The main character of this revolution is lithium. ion battery.
Light weight, compact structure, recyclable, lithium-
Ion battery pack is the cornerstone of electric propulsion.
People know the technology because it powers their laptops and tablets and makes batteries
More than 10 hours of life.
It also powers smartphones, providing unparalleled scope and versatility for billions of palms around the world.
Electric vehicles, lithium
Ion batteries store energy better than any other solution on the market, making some cars travel 300 miles between charges.
Many experts believe lithium
Ion batteries have just taken a step, and drivers of electric vehicles will directly benefit from longer battery life and greater driving range in the short term.
Energy storage capacity is critical. So-
Some drivers, known as \"mileage anxiety\", have been skeptical about electric vehicles, but with the improvement of battery chemistry and packaging, the number of miles traveled has increased-Smile more-
Is being squeezed out from more and more compact and efficient packaging.
With more charging infrastructure being built every day, not only in the heart of the city, but also along the highway, electric car drivers will be assured that energy will be there when they need it.
However, for all the excitement around the electric car, if there is no correct internal component, lithium-
The ion battery is dead weight.
Accurately manufactured internal parts, designed to the highest standards, allow the battery pack to power the motor of the car in the best way and allow the driver to smooth, fast, and secure the road to the ground.
Although many companies produce lithium
Ion batteries for electric vehicles, only a few can make separators-
A key technology developed to ensure optimal performance and security. Lithium-
The ion battery separator is the nameless hero of power propulsion.
Without them, the battery can\'t work at all.
If it is not a separator between the cathode and the anode,-
Two main components of the battery-
Ions do not flow normally, energy-
Modern batteries are a miracle of storage, and electric cars are a great technology, which is impossible.
Together with its subsidiary Polypore International, xushi produces the most popular and trusted lithium-
Ion battery separator in the world-
This is not a mysterious reason.
A researcher at Asahi Kasei developed the first lithium-
In 1985, Ion batteries not only completely changed energy
The storage industry, but how we live every day. Lithium-
The ion battery separator is just an example of the commitment of Xucheng to support the next generation of passenger cars ---
Let us all move on.
Lightweight materials for the next generation, low
Synthetic rubber VOC compounds for fuel
The award-winning technology-efficient tires, advanced sensors or battery separators offer new solutions to the key challenges facing the global automotive industry.
With the supply infrastructure all over the world, our extensive portfolio can meet your needs anytime, anywhere.
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