Why is the battery of an electric car easy to be broken, and precautions for the protection of the battery of an electric car

by:CTECHi     2021-08-19

Why does someone have a set of lead-acid batteries that can last for ten years? This is the longest service life. But in fact, we found that electric car batteries rarely last for five years, and some even have premature aging in less than one year. What is the reason?

According to the market research results, if refurbished batteries, maintenance batteries, and some off-brand batteries are excluded, 80% of electric vehicle battery damage is caused by human causes.

Some people do not know how to maintain the battery, some people charge the battery unscientifically, and some people frequently disassemble and install the battery carelessly, and so on, the electric vehicle battery becomes a 'short-lived ghost'. For the electric vehicle battery part, it is recommended to guarantee maintenance at least once every six months.

Some man-made damage during the use of electric vehicle batteries is also an important reason for premature scrapping of electric vehicle batteries. For example, undercharging, overcharging, running at a loss of power, etc. are all fatal causes of premature aging of electric vehicle batteries. Even a new car cannot wait until the battery is fully charged before charging. It is best to leave a certain amount of power to charge. In order to save trouble, you must not charge the battery after it is exhausted, especially when the electric vehicle is running, once the electric vehicle is found to be low in power, you cannot force the handle to turn.

At the same time, when recharging the battery, the maximum charging time can not exceed 12 hours. Someone deliberately prolongs the charging time in order to make the battery full. Overcharging is very harmful to the battery. The effect of capacity expansion, on the contrary, will also have a negative impact on the service life of the battery, so that a battery that has been used for ten years will be destroyed in less than a year.

If you want the battery to run farther, try to drive at a constant speed, brake less, and don’t overweight. This will also help extend the life of the battery.

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