Why is the battery cooling system essential for new energy vehicles?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-10
As we all know, lithium-ion batteries are commonly used power sources for new energy vehicles, and this type of battery is often made up of small pieces of lithium-ion batteries through series and parallel combinations. When it becomes a power source, the temperature is sensitive, Safety issues such as thermal runaway have always plagued us. To solve this problem, a battery cooling system is needed. Therefore, many people are envisioning the battery in the future. Will there be no need for a cooling system anymore? First, analyze the basic principles of battery charging and discharging. Anyone who has studied physics knows that battery charging is actually replenishing the electrons inside the battery, while discharge is consuming the electrons inside the battery. Both charging and discharging will be accompanied by the violent movement of electrons. Thermal effect, and this thermal effect is unavoidable unless there is no electronic movement inside the battery, but this is impossible. Therefore, if the battery does not need a cooling system at all, it may be supported by scientific principles beyond our knowledge. Secondly, analyze from the perspective of materials science. So far, only Toyota has discovered a solid material. This material is completely different from the lithium iron phosphate material used in lithium batteries. Compared with lithium batteries, batteries made of this solid material can reduce 70% Heat. However, even after reducing so much heat, Toyota still dare not claim that battery cooling systems are no longer needed. In addition, apart from this solid material, there is no data to prove that there is a material that can complete charging and discharging without generating heat. So from this point of view, I am afraid that it is difficult to achieve the need for battery cooling systems. Finally, analyze from a technical point of view. Even with the support of new scientific principles and the discovery of new materials, in terms of technology, it is difficult for us to do without a battery cooling system. Because we have spent decades only developing lithium-ion batteries, and so far only a few companies have mastered the core technology, so it is unlikely from this perspective. In summary, judging from the performance and overall structure of the battery, it may be difficult for future batteries to get rid of the cooling system. Therefore, the author is more willing to believe that the cooling system used by the battery in the future will be simpler but still indispensable than the current one.
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