Why does the lithium battery protection board need to be activated?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-17

Everyone knows that the lithium battery sector has shined recently. Because of its high working voltage, high energy density (light weight), no memory effect, long cycle life, and pollution-free advantages, lithium batteries have become the main force in various electronic products. Power supply, the market is very huge, so the lithium battery material plate all fly to the sky, but the market has ignored the necessary 'lithium battery protection board' for every lithium battery. A lithium battery is generally composed of two parts. In addition to the battery cell, it also needs to be equipped with a lithium battery protection board. Such a lithium battery is safe and practical. However, the lithium battery protection board is the same as the lithium battery cell and needs to be activated. The main reason is that the IC chip in the lithium battery protection board is the core of the entire protection function, because the current passes through first during charging. The lithium battery protection board can only pass through when the current is within the allowable range of the protection board, and then flows to the battery cell. To be precise, the current is advanced past the IC chip, so if the IC chip is not activated, the lithium battery protection board cannot be discharged. So why the lithium battery protection board needs to be activated is this principle.

During the use of lithium batteries, overcharging, overdischarging and overcurrent will affect the service life and performance of the battery. In severe cases, it will cause the lithium battery to burn and explode. There has been an explosion of the mobile phone lithium battery, causing casualties In the case, IT and mobile phone manufacturers often recall lithium battery products. Therefore, each lithium battery must be equipped with a safety protection board, which is composed of a dedicated IC and several external components. The protection loop can effectively monitor and prevent damage to the battery, and prevent combustion, Dangers such as explosion. Therefore, the lithium battery protection board must be activated during use to ensure safe use.

The activation method of the lithium battery protection board is much simpler than the lithium battery itself. The activation of the lithium battery protection board only needs to be charged with a DC voltage to complete the activation of the lithium battery protection board. After we buy a new mobile phone and charge it, the lithium battery protection board is also activated. Of course, this activation method is a little insignificant compared with the comprehensive detector of the battery factory. All lithium batteries will be fully tested. Of course, this also includes the lithium battery protection board. Some manufacturers will short-circuit the VSS and VM pins of the IC chip in the board to achieve the activation effect. This activation effect is more effective than DC charging. The activation of the method is also more professional.

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