Why do lithium batteries need a charging timer?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-19

Looking forward to the current market, lithium batteries have dominated the market with its own advantages. Lithium batteries have been used in the mobile phone industry and power tool industry with their advantages of high energy density, small size, and light weight. Lithium batteries are now used in this way. Hot, mastering other knowledge is already a must. Today, the Chinese Chuangfa will learn this little knowledge with everyone. Why do lithium batteries need a charging timer?

I once told me that a charger manufacturer often met users who returned the charger before. It is said that the charger is broken, because the battery has been charged for a day, the battery is not full, the charger does not turn on the light, it is always red. But when the manufacturer actually measured the charger, it was found to be normal and in line with the factory requirements. What is the problem? This is mainly because the charger does not take into account that the self-discharge of the battery becomes larger after aging. If the charging current is set too small, the aging battery will never reach the set point for charging completion, which will cause the user to misjudge that the charger is broken.

The role of the charging timer is to prevent damaged or excessively cycled lithium batteries. During the charging cut-off period, due to excessive self-discharge, it is difficult for the battery to enter the EOC state (higher than the judgment current) , On the one hand, it will give users the misjudgment that the battery is not fully charged. On the other hand, it may also cause the battery to overheat and expand, even dangerous due to excessively long charging.

Considering these factors, O2Micro's new multi-string lithium-ion battery rechargeable core OZ8981 has been a perfect solution. OZ8981 is a dedicated charging management integrated chip, it has accurate voltage, current output and multiple protections, and provides a six-stage charging control mode, the system design is convenient and low cost. It is mainly aimed at multi-cell lithium-ion battery packs used in light electric vehicles, electric bicycles and power tools.

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