Why did not lithium titanate batteries become mainstream?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-20

1. The life and performance of lithium-ion batteries are affected by many aspects, especially the four major materials. Lithium titanate is only a negative electrode material, no matter how advanced a material is, it is difficult to give the product an unmatched advantage. What's more, the cathode material is the most important material that affects the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

2. The biggest disadvantage of lithium titanate battery is its low energy density and high cost. In particular, the low energy density is due to the principle and performance of the anode material lithium titanate, and it is difficult to have a big breakthrough. Cost can be reduced through scale, but based on the weakness of the principle, it cannot be changed through technology.

3. As for the claimed long service life of lithium titanate batteries, it is more difficult to be certified. The battery life is also affected by the combination of cathode material, electrolyte, separator, and operating temperature. Lithium titanate used as a negative electrode itself also has problems such as flatulence and reduced consistency in long-term use. At present, it cannot be proved in principle that too acid lithium ion batteries will have a longer life than other batteries. At present, the cycle life of lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries can be more than 2000 times. According to the general frequency of use, it has been able to do 7-10 years. With the advancement of technology, there are 3000 times or 4000 times. Too far away, in terms of performance, the situation can be used for more than 10 years or even reach 20 years of service life, which will exceed the general life cycle of a car. Even if the lithium titanate battery has a long life, it has no advantage.

4. There are few companies doing lithium titanate batteries, which will result in less investment in the overall Ru0026D of the industry. Judging from the current Ru0026D investment and planning investment of battery companies, few companies will Focus on the development of lithium titanate batteries. In the future, other lithium-ion battery technology advances at a rate that will exceed that of lithium titanate batteries.

5. Zhanxin Industry and Research From the perspective of industry trends, do not believe that technologies that are not well done by mainstream international companies will shine in our country. my country's basic research is still far from reaching the level of international advanced companies. It would be a whimsical idea to miss the international technological trend. The future market space for lithium titanate batteries will be very limited. There is basically no room for the automobile industry, and the space for the automobile industry in the future will be smaller than it is now. The energy storage field can be tried, but it will definitely not become the mainstream. Coupled with the high price, compared with the high cost performance of the future energy storage is expected to use the power lithium battery, the prospect of lithium titanate in the energy storage field is also worrying.

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