Why can't lithium batteries be exchanged for new ones?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-19

First of all, lead-acid batteries can be recycled, mainly due to the following two reasons:

1. The raw materials of lead-acid batteries contain lead, sulfuric acid and other harmful substances. Therefore, waste lead-acid batteries must be processed and recycled;

2, lead recycling technology has matured, and lead recycling has also entered normalization and industrialization.

Lithium batteries cannot be recycled at present, there are three main reasons:

1. Currently lithium batteries Battery-related recycling technology is not yet mature. With the deepening of research and technological progress in the future, it may also enter the industrialization of lead-acid battery recycling;

2 The raw materials of lithium batteries are carbon, graphite, lithium metal oxides and a small amount of electrolyte, which are environmentally friendly and safe, and will not be harmful without special treatment;

3, lithium batteries The service life of the battery is much longer than that of the lead-acid battery. When used correctly, the cost per kilometer is much lower than that of the lead-acid battery.


Recommendations and product recommendations for lithium batteries

If you want lithium batteries to last longer, one thing is crucial: to prevent storage at a loss.

In the last issue of 'The President Says Car' article 'Attention! Put the lithium battery like this, be careful that it is 'bad' to show you! 》As we mentioned, because the BMS system of the lithium battery and the alarm of the electric vehicle will consume power, and the battery still has a certain amount of self-discharge, if the lithium battery is left unused for a long time, it is easy to run out of electricity and cause a loss. Electric storage, thereby damaging the battery.

Therefore, even if the car is left unused, we must develop the habit of checking the battery level regularly (about a month in summer and about half a month in winter) to recharge the battery .

In order to improve the charging efficiency of lithium batteries and make it convenient for users, Luyuan has developed and launched a fully-sealed lithium battery fast charge exclusively for lithium batteries.

It can be realized:

1. Charging is 2 times faster, charging can be completed in 3-5 hours;

2, safe and automatic power-off, 2 years warranty;

3, double-layer shell design, heat dissipation and insulation are safer;

4, IP67 dustproof, waterproof, dustproof, waterproof, and hot-proof;

5, the breather valve automatically reduces pressure and heat dissipation, not stuffy , Not damp.

Currently, ZBH, ZFA3, ZBK and other cars have been equipped with fully-sealed lithium battery fast charging. If you need it, you can go to the offline Luyuan store for consultation and purchase. If you need to replace the old lead-acid battery, you can also consult an offline store.

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