Why are lithium batteries popular? Talk about the 6 advantages of lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-19

As the technology of lithium batteries becomes more and more mature, the popularity of lithium batteries is getting higher and higher in Chengdu. Here is an analysis of several advantages of lithium batteries:

1 Lithium batteries have high voltage and light weight. The average voltage of a single battery can reach 3.7V or 3.2V, which is relatively equal to the series voltage of 2-4 nickel-hydrogen batteries or nickel-isolated batteries. If the customer requires the voltage of the battery to be used, the lithium battery is also easy to form a lithium battery pack, which can increase the voltage of the lithium battery conveniently and quickly.

2. The energy and density of lithium batteries are also high for other batteries. Lithium batteries have a high energy storage density. Currently commonly used lithium batteries have a density of 450-620Wh/kg, which is 5-7 times that of lead-acid batteries. If people choose batteries, they will also consider a very important issue, that is, pollution.

3. Compare the battery weight. The weight of a lithium battery is about 5-6 times that of a lead-acid battery. Although the weight of lithium batteries is not much different from the weight of polymer lithium batteries. But looking at capacity and life, people will choose lithium batteries.

4. Lithium batteries have a long service life. If there are no accidents, a lithium battery can be used for more than 6 years, up to 9 years. The normal number of uses is more than 1000 times. If there is no accidental use, it can reach more than 1500 times.

5. Low self-discharge and no memory effect. In the production of lithium batteries, adding a protective plate to the lithium battery can make the lithium battery have an overcharge and overdischarge effect. The lithium battery itself has high power endurance, and the lithium battery selected for electric vehicles can achieve a high-efficiency charging and discharging capacity of 15-30C, so that the high-intensity start-up and acceleration of the car can be accelerated.

6. Lithium batteries are green and environmentally friendly. They do not contain lead, mercury, and cadmium toxic substances.

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