Where is the 'world' laid by lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-07-12

In recent years, lithium batteries have laid a lot of ground, and their applications in our lives have become more and more extensive. According to different application fields, lithium batteries can be roughly divided into these three types: consumer type, power type, and energy storage type.

The application of lithium batteries in the consumer field can be traced back to the rechargeable lithium batteries developed by Sony Corporation in Japan in 1990, and then lithium batteries were used for commercialization and popularized in everyone’s daily in life. Lithium-ion batteries on the market are secondary batteries that can be recharged and are widely used in mobile phones, laptops, Bluetooth headsets, etc. The cycle life of this type of consumer lithium battery does not need to be too good. Generally, it will take 2 or 3 years. Renewal, but because it is a portable product, it is a necessary condition for the development of light and thin, so the size and capacity of the battery are higher.

Before 2015, consumer lithium batteries had an absolute dominant position in the market. However, with the beginning of electric vehicles, by 2016, power batteries quickly occupied the market, exceeding the proportion of consumer lithium batteries. Power-type lithium batteries are mainly used for transportation. In addition to electric bicycles, electric cars and electric buses, they are also used for forklifts, airport tractors, etc. In recent years, even countries have even developed lithium battery airplanes and successfully tested them.

Because of the need for powerful power, this type of battery has high discharge power, high specific energy, and large capacity. The battery system is complex and requires thicker diaphragms, foils and casings to protect the internal environment of the battery and prevent major accidents due to short circuits and other reasons. It can be seen that the technical requirements for power-type lithium batteries are very high, and countries have invested large sums of funds for technology research and development to seize the market.

Energy storage batteries are different from the former two. The first two basically benefit people directly, while the role of energy storage lithium batteries is more complicated. It is equivalent to the 'middleman' of electricity, and does not make a price difference. It can not only store electricity in the grid, but also store electricity from wind, hydro, solar and other resources. It can be used in households, businesses or entire regions. It can also balance the grid load and even achieve a 'black start' when the grid collapses. It can be said to be a realistic version of 'RedQueen' in 'Resident Evil'.

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