When it comes to brainy luggage, how smart is too smart?

by:CTECHi     2020-04-01
You can get a suitcase that will inform you when it comes up and down from the baggage conveyor belt, can lock and unlock with your phone, and can even give you a lift while you are at the airport.
Modobag ($1,500) claims to be \"changing the way the world travels \".
\"It\'s available online, it\'s essentially a piece of luggage and you can ride like a lawn mower.
It claims to make you three times faster than walking, and the video of prim businesswoman walking around the airport like a child on trikes deserves a smile.
Is it a fashion I say that.
But there is no doubt that smart luggage is coming soon.
Its different avatars contain a series of gee-
Very cool technologies such as battery packs (for quick power to the phone), remote lock-ups through smartphone apps, and built-in electronic scales.
Many also include the GPS locator, so you can find it if your package is missing.
If you\'re going to invest hundreds of dollars in smart luggage, though, at least make sure it has a removable battery so you can follow the rules set by the Canadian air transport safety agency (CATSA. U. S.
There are similar regulations for airlines.
The CATSA guidelines developed by WestJet and Air Canada stipulate that you can bring a smart carry-on
On board, as long as you can power off the system inside the bag.
However, the lithium ion battery pack must be removable if it cannot be turned off.
In order to check the package, you must be able to remove the battery pack and bring it into the cabin.
Objective: to prevent it from exploding in the hold, where the fire may not be found or easily extinguished.
The airline will reject the bag and will not be able to power off or remove your battery.
This is mainly due to several recent incidents of lithium-ion battery fires.
During a flight by Air Canada,
The passenger\'s mobile phone was delayed for an hour after the fire.
Two years ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was banned from most flights after a phone battery manufacturing defect caused some batteries to overheat and caused a fire.
Smart luggage typically uses the same lithium ion battery, prompting airlines to set rules designed to protect passengers and crew.
As a result, the bankruptcy of several smart baggage manufacturers, including Bluesmart and Raden, this year is mainly due to confusion over the new rules.
But you still have a range of smart carry-on
Options available.
Among them, Away, Heys and TravelPro provide different ways to comply.
Away is a novice in the baggage field, offering lightweight, sturdy polycarbonate-
Fruit shell bag including Bluetooth
According to the new airline policy, the connected location service and the pop-up battery are available.
Online sales, its 22-inch carry-
$325 in 9 colors, a removable laundry bag and 360-
The Hinomoto wheel is fine-tuned.
Heys avoids problems related to lithium-ion batteries by using two AAA batteries to power its smart baggage line. Its 21-inch carry-
On ($300) is also made of polycarbonate and owns TSA-
Approved locks you can remotely open with a smartphone, a handle with an integrated scale and proximity alarm, which can let you know if you are too far away from your bag.
TravelPro\'s lightweight nylon Platinum Magna 2 22-
Inch Expandable roller Suiter carry-
On ($290) by including an external USB port for dynamic charging and a dedicated FAA/CATSA-
An external battery bag that meets the standard (the battery is sold separately), so you can easily plug in and remove your own charger. It has butter-
Smooth straight wheels and many accessory pockets including a garment bag and a removable see-
Bag of toiletries.
TravelPro\'s design has also gone through a veritable boot camp to ensure they can stick to it.
In the company\'s quality control lab, Machines imitate real things countless times.
Abuse of the world by baggage handlers and baggage owners.
They pop up in deep freezing, ruthlessly compress and decompress, and do a \"distance training\" covering 30 miles on the treadmill to test the wheels.
\"The main consumer of our luggage is business travelers,\" said Raymond Durocher, president of TravelPro line manufacturer holiday group . \".
\"The last thing they want to do is lose the wheel or break the zipper while traveling.
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