What treasures are contained in waste lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-08

Recently, Fangyuan Environmental announced its financial report for the first half of the year. The report showed that the company's revenue in the first half of the year increased by 343% over the same period, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company increased by more than 55 times over the same period.

Although the new energy vehicle market is booming, the performance of various cobalt companies in the first half of the year is generally proud, but it is still rare that the net profit can soar by 55 times. According to Fangyuan Environmental Protection, the significant increase in performance was mainly due to the completion of the large-scale construction of the Gujing Plant in the first half of the year, the production system officially entered the mass production stage, the release of production capacity, and the benefits of scale began to appear; at the same time, it benefited from new energy vehicles The production and sales volume has increased with certainty. The domestic and foreign ternary material cathode precursor market has made breakthroughs, and the domestic and foreign sales have increased rapidly year-on-year.

Fangyuan Environmental Protection's revenue and net profit in the past three years:

The rapid development of the global new energy automobile industry, the driving force The battery industry has also experienced a blowout. With the increasingly stringent requirements of the market for the energy density of power batteries, ternary materials have gradually become the favored object. According to relevant data, more than 80% of the power battery industry has begun to focus on ternary batteries since 2018. Battery route layout, such as: BYD, CATL, Guoxuan, Waterma, Guoneng, etc.

At the same time, as my country’s first batch of new energy vehicle power batteries put on the market will soon usher in a period of concentrated obsolescence. According to data released by market research institutions, the amount of scrapped power batteries in my country in 2016 was about 12,000 tons, and this number is expected to surge to about 248,000 tons by 2020. The waste of power batteries is different from lead-acid batteries that contain heavy metals and are toxic and harmful in the past. The lithium batteries commonly used in new energy vehicles are relatively less harmful to the environment. The metals such as copper, cobalt, and lithium in the batteries have high economic value. Evaluate used power batteries like this: 'Lithium batteries are all treasures, so I'm not afraid that no one will handle them.'

On the one hand, there is a strong demand for ternary materials, on the other hand, it is a large number of piles Fangyuan Environmental Protection uses nickel and cobalt waste resources to produce and sell nickel batteries and lithium battery cathode materials. Its main products include battery-grade nickel sulfate, nickel battery cathode materials, spherical nickel hydroxide products, and lithium NCA, NCM precursor series products for battery ternary cathode materials.

In 2017, the revenue of Fangyuan Environmental Protection's products accounted for:

When it comes to turning waste resources into treasures, I have to mention Grammy, known as the 'urban mine'. GEM's operating income in the first half of the year was 7.026 billion yuan, of which the comprehensive utilization of waste resources accounted for 42.46%.

GEM’s revenue by industry in the first half of the year:

At present, GEM has established a 'battery recycling-raw material recycling-material Reengineering—Battery Pack Reengineering—New Energy Vehicle Service' new energy full life cycle cyclic value chain, building a '1+N' waste battery recycling network, and successively signing vehicle power battery recycling agreements with more than 80 car companies and battery companies. It has become one of the first five companies selected in the first batch of companies listed in the 'Industry Standard Conditions for Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles' issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. According to GEM's 2017 annual report, the company's comprehensive utilization of waste resources has gradually increased its sales and production volume.

The production and marketing situation of GEM’s comprehensive utilization of waste resources in the first half of the year:

Now, with the gradual promotion of policies, more More and more companies have begun to deploy power battery recycling in the emerging market. Battery recycling not only serves as the last link from battery production to sales, from scrap to rebirth, but also serves as an additional supply supplement for rare metals such as cobalt and nickel.

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