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by:CTECHi     2020-01-09
With the popularity of the car, we are already inseparable from the car charger in our daily life, we are confused by some problems, including what you should pay attention to when using the car charger, how to pick up the high quality car charger and whether the car charger will adversely affect our phone, we are gone!First of all, we have to figure out what is the difference between a car charger and a normal charger, the fundamental difference between them is basically the plug the car charger plug is specifically connected to the lighter in the car (usually in the cab and trunk) the other end of the car charger is specifically designed to have a USB port that the phone or other digital device can connect.The data cable connected to the car charger depends on the digital device you are using.The car charger will not work unless the LED light is on.
Note that do not charge your phone before the car engine starts!Otherwise, when the car is lit, the reduction of the battery voltage of the car will affect the charging effect and even damage the car charger.Also, do not place the charger in a wet or high temperature environment, use the appropriate temperature of 0-45 ;Some heat will be generated during use, exceeding 60 at normal room temperature;Due to the different charging products of various types, the charging time is inconsistent and has nothing to do with the charging performance of the car charger;Away from children;Lightning protection;When the car charger is fully charged, unplug it in time, be careful not to stain the USB interface, remove the installed car charger and collect it when not in use.Therefore, for safety reasons, we must buy regular brands and genuine and inferior products that are prone to potential safety hazards.
In addition, when using the car charger, please follow the corresponding instructions to correct the packaging method.How to choose a high quality car charger is the first choice, the following is the instructions 1, the car charger must be equipped with 12vinpufuseinstalled2, 5 Voutputovervoltageprotection car if the voltage is less than 11, the current output capacity of the chart reaches true 2a 4.2 v voltage, 5 v output voltage, please do not access the external power supply 5, 12 v input to keep high-Voltage80V transient (cartend to activateaninstant80V highPressure of car ignition) 6, do not be replaced by brand new car charger, you should pay attention to the internal circuit and components, people with the following functions must not be disappointed.
Using the fuse, if the charging speed is very slow, the person without the fuse will cause a short circuit with the output current of 2AOtherwise, voltage, overheating and over-current, 5 V voltage output protection can easily damage the car\'s battery and prevent the phone or electronic device from being damaged by the flight lead on the PCB inside the car charger. No problem is unreliable. There is no adverse effect on the brand original car charger.Why?Car Charger is one of the car accessories that charge digital products at any time to facilitate the use of car owners.
Some high-Car Chargers typically include two USB ports that can charge two digital products at the same time.These products usually have overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection to ensure safe use, realize direct charging of car charger, USB charging and triple multipleUse when charging in the car.The voltage output of the car charger is usually from 12 v-24 v, the limit current is 500 mAh, there are many defects in the circuit for counterfeit products that do not have protection function, if the buck and current limiting circuit fails, it will cause 12-Volt accessed the phone directly, causing the phone to burn down.
It is recommended to use the original charger after the inverter voltage of the car rises to 220.The traditional car charger is powered by the car battery (car 12 V, Truck 24 V) and is widely used by various Portable Rechargeable Handheld devices equipped with lithium batteries, such as mobile phones, PDA, GPS, etc;The car charger not only takes into account the actual needs of the lithium battery (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, OVP ), the harsh environment of the car\'s battery (transient voltage spikes, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.);Therefore, the power management IC of the car charger program must be a switching power supply chip with high voltage, high efficiency, high reliability, low frequency (conducive to EMI design.
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