What should we pay attention to for lithium battery high nickel electrolyte?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-09

The energy density requirements promote the upgrading of batteries, and higher requirements are placed on materials such as positive and negative electrodes. However, when the materials gradually mature, the application has not been realized, mainly because various materials are combined into batteries. , System compatibility and security issues have not been well resolved. At present, the technology level is gradually mature and the equipment is modernized. The focus of these problems is how to use the appropriate electrolyte. In the high nickel system, there are two main requirements for the electrolyte, one is the use of new additives, and the other is the formulation of the electrolyte. New additives: For high nickel systems, it is necessary to solve the problems of gas production on the surface of the positive electrode, film formation stability of the negative electrode, and safety. The new additives can specifically solve the problems encountered by high nickel. We believe that it has the ability to develop new additives The electrolyte companies will benefit significantly. Electrolyte formulation: The electrolyte formulation has a long development cycle and high cost. It is currently one of the highest barriers for battery companies. As the division of labor in the industry expands, the focus of development will be tilted towards electrolyte manufacturers, who have greater advantages in formula development and additive research and development. Recommended subject: Xinzhoubang. We started to analyze from the aspects of technology accumulation, additive layout, patent technology integration and overseas layout, and found that Xinzhoubang's advantages are highly compatible with the current pain points of high nickel electrolyte development. 1. Focusing on electrolyte for many years, spanning consumption and power: the company is one of the first domestic companies to engage in the development of lithium-ion battery electrolytes. The full coverage of various types and systems of lithium-ion batteries also makes Xinzhoubang one of the masters in the field of electrolytes. 1. Acquisitions and mergers to implement patent integration, layout additives to control core competitiveness: Acquire BASF and Hankang Chemical to achieve the integration of high nickel patents and the layout of additives. 3. Overseas cooperation and development, technology generation advantage: The company attaches great importance to cooperation with overseas customers, and overseas giants are relatively leading in material system and application. In the development of electrolytes for new systems such as high nickel, many years of technical accumulation and cooperation between upstream and downstream are required. The company has grasped the key links in the development of electrolytes. In the future, these links will also become the source of Xinzhoubang's continued advantages in the electrolyte field. Risk warning: industry development is not as expected, and the application of high nickel products is not as expected; 1 power batteries are about to enter the era of high nickel as a whole. 1.1 Policy orientation-battery energy density requirements are increased. As the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles enters 2018, the country begins The focus of subsidies has been shifted to improving the performance of new energy vehicles. In terms of mileage, the subsidy threshold has been increased from 100KM in 2017 to 150KM now, and the maximum subsidy mileage has also increased from 250KM to 400KM now; from the perspective of energy density, the threshold has also been increased from the previous 90Wh/kg to At the current 105Wh/kg, the highest subsidy factor has also been increased from 1.1 times to 1.2 times the current one. At the same time, the corresponding highest-end energy density has been increased from 120Wh/kg to 160Wh/kg. With the gradual increase in the corresponding policy requirements, various products related to new energy vehicles are also facing an upgrade problem. As the country has higher and higher requirements for the energy density of power batteries, cathode materials based on high nickel have become more and more popular in the market.

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