What is the MOS in the lithium battery protection board?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-17

A good lithium battery protection board must be inseparable from good components, so that a high-quality lithium battery protection board can be made, but there are also many accessories on the lithium battery protection board, (like IC, MOS tube ) Today, the Chinese Chuangfa will learn with everyone what MOS is. Its full Chinese name is Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. It is used on the protection board. MOS functions as a switch. How to say it, you can It is understood that MOS is a circuit breaker that protects the circuit breaker on the board, but this circuit breaker does not need to be broken by hand. It is turned on or off by the control and management IC main control chip + peripheral circuits.

In the application of MOS protection board, there are two most critical indicators, one is the withstand voltage, and the other is the on-resistance R (DSon). The former represents the ability to withstand The voltage of the entire battery pack and the charger voltage, such as 72V lithium batteries, when we make the protection board, we cannot use 75N75 and other MOS with a withstand voltage of 75V, but must use 4310 4110 with a high voltage; for the protection board, MOS There are only normally open and normally closed phenomena, so there is no switching loss. Only in the application of controllers and power supplies, will the switching loss be considered based on the PWM drive. In view of the above two points, the Chinese Chuangfa reminds everyone that we must choose MOS with suitable withstand voltage and the lower the impedance, because the high-voltage MOS often has a large impedance.

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