What is the future market for lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-07-12

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, the power battery market has been greatly expanded. It is expected that the market will exceed one trillion in the future, and giant companies with a market value of over trillion will also be born in this field. At present, whether it is international or domestic, many industry capitals and industrial funds have poured into the power battery industry.

Today, let’s take a look at the two giants of power batteries: CATL and BYD!

Ningde Times

Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was in Ningde City, Fujian Province on December 16, 2011 The Administration for Industry and Commerce was registered and established. Although it was not very early to enter the industry, its development speed was extremely rapid, and it became the first in the industry and even the world in seven years. On June 11, 2018, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, and it also created the fastest IPO record in 24 days.

The rapid growth of the Ningde era is based on the technology accumulation of its former owner ATL in the battery field for more than ten years. Because I am optimistic about the market space of new energy vehicles, I devote myself to the research and development, design and production of power batteries. After cooperating with BMW, CATL has begun to emerge, and has successively reached cooperation with many domestic and foreign auto companies, and has firmly established itself as the number one power battery supply system.

As the only domestic competitor targeted by Japanese and Korean power battery companies, CATL's comprehensive competitiveness in the field of power batteries is undoubtedly leading domestically. In addition, the CATL is also quite complete in the layout of the industrial chain, from materials to battery packs (cells, BMS, battery systems) to recycling applications, and even in the field of lithium battery equipment.


BYD’s main product is lithium iron phosphate power battery, and its business is mainly distributed in Huizhou and Shenzhen. base. BYD is definitely the leader in domestic power batteries. Relying on the Group's new energy vehicle business, its power battery business is far ahead of its competitors in scale.

From the technical system, the core competitiveness of its products: the technology and market advantages of lithium iron phosphate lead the world; in the industrial chain, BYD adheres to the strategy of the whole industrial chain, from From materials to batteries, motors, electronic controls, and to complete vehicles, BYD chooses to do it by itself. The closed-loop development model of the industrial chain is also one of its major advantages.

In fact, in addition to large-scale power battery companies such as CATL and BYD, there are also a large number of potential small and medium-sized companies that have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. The future of the power battery market is indeed It is worth looking forward to!

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