What is the difference between lithium manganese battery and zinc manganese battery?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-06

1. Cylindrical zinc-manganese battery

Cylindrical zinc-manganese battery can be divided into paste battery and cardboard battery in terms of separators. Paste-type batteries are ordinary zinc-manganese batteries. Cardboard batteries have different electrical properties due to differences in their formulations. They are divided into C-type (or ammonium type) cardboard batteries (also known as high-capacity batteries) and P-type (or known as high-capacity batteries). Zinc-type) cardboard battery (also known as high-power battery).

Paste battery is the traditional zinc-manganese dry battery. Its positive electrode material uses natural manganese dioxide with low activity. The separator is a paste separator of starch and flour. The liquid is H4CL-based ammonium chloride and zinc chloride aqueous solution, and the negative electrode is a zinc cylinder. The discharge performance is generally poor and the capacity is low. The battery is easy to leak at the end of use, but the price is cheap, and it is mostly suitable for small current and intermittent Discharge occasions, such as radios, flashlights, etc.

C-type cardboard battery is based on the paste-type battery with paste paper instead of paste paper, which not only increases the positive electrode filling capacity by about 30%, but also replaces 30-70% high-activity manganese Natural manganese, so the capacity can be increased, the scope of use can be expanded, and it is mostly used in small current discharge occasions, such as clocks, remote controls, radios, flashlights and other occasions.

P-type cardboard battery adopts zinc chloride-based electrolyte, and the cathode material all adopts high-activity manganese powder, such as electrolytic manganese, active manganese, etc., and its leak-proof performance is much higher than that of paste and C Type batteries are mostly used in high-current continuous discharge situations, such as cameras, flash ordering, radio tape recorders, shavers, electric toys, etc.

2. Cylindrical alkaline zinc-manganese dry battery

Cylindrical alkaline zinc-manganese battery, also known as alkaline manganese battery, commonly known as alkaline battery, is the most powerful in the zinc-manganese battery series Excellent variety. The shell is generally made of 08F nickel-plated steel strip by cold rolling and stamping, and also serves as a positive electrode current collector. The electrolytic manganese dioxide positive electrode material is pressed into a ring and tightly attached to the inner wall of the cylinder to ensure good contact. The negative electrode is powdered Zinc particles are made into a paste and placed in the middle of the battery. A negative current collector is inserted in between (the negative electrode is generally a copper nail). The current collector is connected to the bottom of the negative electrode. Inside the battery, the positive electrode is separated by a separator (separation layer). Nylon or polypropylene sealing ring separates and seals the battery at the same time. The outside of the battery is almost the same as that of a normal battery.

Although the nominal voltage of the cylindrical alkaline zinc-manganese battery is the same as that of the ordinary battery, both are 1.5 volts, but the structure of the alkaline battery adopts the opposite electrode structure of the ordinary battery, which increases the positive The relative area between the negative electrodes is replaced by high-conductivity potassium hydroxide solution instead of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solutions. The zinc on the negative electrode is also changed from flake to granular, which increases the reaction area of u200bu200bthe negative electrode. High-performance electrolytic manganese powder, so the electrical performance can be greatly improved. Generally, alkaline manganese batteries of the same model are 3-7 times the capacity and discharge time of ordinary batteries, and the low temperature performance is even greater. Alkaline manganese batteries are more suitable It is suitable for high-current continuous discharge and high-voltage power applications. It is especially suitable for cameras, flash ordering, shavers, conductive toys, CD players, high-power remote controls, etc.

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