what is a solar lamp post?

by:CTECHi     2020-03-15
If you don\'t know, solar lighting has been with us for a long time.
In fact, Clarence Kemp applied for the first patent for solar heaters in 1891.
In 1940, Solar became very popular, but the cost of production was too high until 1970s, with new advances in photovoltaic cells before the solar energy really moved to the front row.
On 1990, Neville Williams, a former US journalistS.
Employees of the Department of Energy (
Solar Fund)
Organizations dedicated to improving the lives of rural residents in third world countries.
With the popularization of solar utilities, the increase of production and the development of new technologies, solar electric lights are getting cheaper and cheaper.
Today, the price of many solar lamps is comparable to that of electric lamps.
One popular use of solar lighting is street lamps.
These lights are often called solar lampposts.
There are many designs to choose from for these lamps, but the most popular one seems to be the Victorian carriage-style lantern set on top of the six 7 feet pillars.
These solar lights have different heights, lantern designs and brightness.
Solar column lights can place a separate solar panel outside 20 or 30 feet.
When the solar panels are separated from the lamps, the lights can be placed in the shade and the panels can be placed in the shade.
However, whether the solar panels are built into the fixture or are independent of the fixture, all of them have the same properties, that is, they are powered by the sun.
The power collected by the solar panel charges the battery pack.
LEDs or LEDs are the names of miniature bulbs used in solar lamps.
The solar lantern has a rechargeable battery pack, usually made of lithium ion from nickel-metal hydrogenation.
These battery packs are charged by using solar panels.
Many people will last for several years before the battery needs to be replaced, but on average the battery pack is replaced every two years.
So the solar lamp post looks a lot like the 19th century gas lamp, but the similarity is that the appearance, function and material are completely different from that period.
The intensity of the fixture will be very different, some have 6 LED, while others may have 12 LED.
Some have also designed special reflector to enlarge the light.
Pillars and lanterns can be made of glass, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron or durable plastic.
Powder coated aluminum is very popular as it stays good in bad weather conditions.
Many high quality lanterns still use oblique cut glass lenses due to clarity and easy care.
Usually, there is one, two or three lanterns on the lamppost, perched on a high gray or black pole.
Some of these lanterns have several installation options: deck mount, pole mount, wall mount or column mount.
Keep in mind that if solar panels are built into Lantern fixtures, it is critical to properly place solar lamp posts.
From dusk to dawn, most lights need 4-
5 hours of sunshine during the day.
So if you are planning to replace your gas or electric lamp post with a solar lamp post, you will find a wide variety of styles, sizes and prices.
Some of the larger hardware stores will be equipped with these lamps, as well as many Internet retailers with solar lamps.
When you look at the choice of light lights, you will understand why so many people choose this option to add beauty to the landscape, save natural resources and reduce electricity charges.
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