What Is A Battery Back Up For A Sump Pump

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
It is usually considered that mechanical equipment is prone to physical failure.Although sewage pumps are mechanical equipment, their manufacturing and specification improvements have ultimately led to their durability and durability for decades.While they can stop working due to mechanical failure, this rarely happens.
More typically, their failures are caused by power grid failures.The irony of the sewage pump failure time is that it is most likely to occur when the sewage pump is most needed-during the thunderstorm, that is, when the power outage occurs most.The best way to make sure your home is protected from a sewage pump failure is to install a battery backup for it.
The battery backup system is a set of pieces to ensure that the oil bottom shell pit pump action is always available.The sewage pump is installed in a puddle below the basement floor to evacuate the incoming water before the basement floor flood begins.The sewage pump battery backup system may protect your basement from water damage.
Even if you can\'t rely on a utility power supply, your sewage pump battery backup system will automatically activate the sewage pump during a utility power failure.In today\'s market, consumers can use two different battery backup methods for sewage pumps.The first one is a kit that includes a battery in the case combined with the control box and an auxiliary DC power pump that obtains power from the battery.
When the DC secondary pump (auxiliary), the battery box/control box is installed in the puddle near the puddle, and when the main pump is overloaded or fails, it is intended to \"start \".This is the most common type of system.Its only advantage is that the user gets some pump redundancy through the secondary pump;However, its disadvantages far outweigh the latter.The first drawback of this installation is that the volume in some sewage puddles is not enough to accommodate the secondary pump.
The second and main weakness is that the DC secondary pump usually does not supplement the work of the main pump during the flood, but instead replaces the main pump in the era of power failure.The pumping capacity of the DC sub-pump is about 1/3 HP for one quarter of the main pump.This creates serious situations, especially in low-lying areas, where the maximum pumping capacity of the main pump is required to keep up with the need to evacuate water.
Since the pumping capacity of only the secondary pump is very low, such a basement is destined to be submerged.The second approach relies on the fact that a power failure is the culprit when it comes to basement flooding.There is a fully automatic uninterrupted power supply system that is specially customized for sewage pumps.
The pump Sentry is a power converter/control system designed for wall installation.It is used with a battery or battery pack.The system overcomes the disadvantages of the first method, because it does not require space in the puddle and is easy to install.
Most importantly, it enables the main sewage pump to operate at full capacity during a power outage.Another excellent quality of this system is that it will keep the backup of the sewage pump for a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of the 12 v dc battery pack aligned with it.During the power supply is available, the system will fully charge the battery pack.
You can easily prevent the basement water pump from being powered off.Also, if you often leave home for a long time, you will benefit from the sewage pump backup system.Even if you are not there, know that your home is safe.
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