what exactly affecting the charging rate of your cell phone

by:CTECHi     2020-02-21
Almost everyone is charging the phone every day, and of course we want it to be faster and faster, unfortunately, the charging speed is sometimes slower and slower, what exactly affects the charging speed of your phone?
The charging process of smart phones is completed by the mobile phone power adapter or mobile phone charger, data cable and mobile phone.
Subjective factors such as the mobile phone itself, the mobile phone power adapter or the mobile phone charger, and data lines and objective factors including weather and how to use the mobile phone are the key factors affecting the charging speed of the mobile phone.
The larger the capacity of the mobile phone battery, the longer the charging time, we must first figure out how to calculate the charging time before we can affect the charging speed of the mobile phone. The charging time can be calculated with a simple formula: similarly, the small-capacity battery corresponds to a short charging time.
Therefore, in order to meet the need to use the mobile phone for a long time, our mobile phone needs to charge for a longer time, when the charging current remains unchanged with the increase of the mobile phone manufacturer.
In addition, in practice, the current is based on the load (ie cell phones)connected.
The mobile phone charger can provide most of the current required by the phone within its resource range.
If the current required by the phone exceeds the current limit that the phone charger can provide, the phone charger will output the maximum current.
Therefore, when the battery capacity is the same, the charging time will be faster as the current carried by the phone itself increases.
The power adapter charging specification affects the charging rate the output voltage of the standard charger for most brands of mobile phones is currently standard 5 v, but according to the battery capacity, the output current that the manufacturer will be equipped with is different.
Assuming that the voltage is the same, the difference is 0.
Like a bike, phone chargers 5A, 1A and 2Alane, two-lane and four-lane highway-
Since the current is doubled at the same time, the rechargeable battery will also double.
Therefore, for iPhone chargers that can only charge the iPad 1A Output and 2A original chargers that charge the iPad at most, the former has a theoretical charging time of 2.
The latter is double.
Therefore, when charging the mobile phone, try to choose the original mobile phone charger, or the output current is not lower than the original standard charger to ensure that the charging speed of the mobile phone is fast enough.
The poor quality data line is the \"murderer\" to slow down the charging time \". In general, it is difficult to identify obvious differences from the appearance of the data line, so all interfaces are mixed together like a routine, but the current provided by different data lines may be different. Many low-
The cost data line looks thick, but its inner core is actually thin, or those made with pure copper wire instead of aluminum wire are imitation products.
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