What courier can send electric car batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-21
Postal enterprises can receive and send qualified lithium batteries in accordance with the relevant provisions of the 'Administrative Measures for the Air Transport of Lithium Batteries Mail,' and transport them by air mail. According to Article 11 of the 'Guiding Catalogue of Items Prohibited to Send and Deliver' issued by the State Post Bureau, storage batteries are items that are forbidden to be delivered, and express companies are not allowed to collect them. There are no regulations on the delivery of other types of batteries, and the express company can choose whether to accept or send them according to their own circumstances. Most express delivery can take the battery, such as SF Express, YTO Express, and Zhongtong Express, but they can’t take air parcels. In the case of air express, according to the relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the State Post Bureau, express companies cannot transport batteries by air express. Lithium primary batteries have poor safety, and there is a danger of explosion. Lithium-ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium-ion batteries and polymer lithium-ion batteries. The electrolyte of lithium-ion batteries is fluid, so it is more unstable than lithium polymer batteries. It may explode if hit by external force or using a charger that does not meet the standard. Many portable electronic products with lithium-thionyl chloride battery packs connected in series, such as mobile phones and laptops, use lithium batteries. In other words, many people have a 'bomb' around them. With the rapid development of the network economy and express delivery industry, the types and quantities of items delivered through delivery channels have increased significantly, and new types of items have emerged one after another. Among them, some items with low security and unstable physical properties are mixed with them, resulting in prohibited items. The depth and breadth of management have undergone profound changes. In this regard, the State Post Bureau and other three departments have jointly issued the 'Regulations on the Management of Prohibited Items2. Explosive, flammable, corrosive, toxic, infectious, radioactive and other items that endanger the safety of delivery. 3. Laws, administrative regulations, and other items prohibited by the State Council and relevant departments of the State Council. It is reported that the types of prohibited items in the new regulations have increased from 58 to 188, and there are also quantitative restrictions on the delivery of cigarettes.
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