What are the innovative applications of lithium battery energy storage technology in Pengshanling Tunnel

by:CTECHi     2021-07-15

Tunnel power costs account for more than 50% of the daily maintenance costs of electrical and mechanical equipment. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of tunnel traffic, studying the measures that can be taken to reduce tunnel power costs has a good economic prospect. The construction of the energy storage system in the Pengshanling Tunnel can not only use the peak-to-valley price difference to obtain economic benefits, but also replace the traditional tunnel UPS power system as a backup power supply for the tunnel. Its function and stability are further upgraded compared with the UPS power supply, which can enhance the stability of the tunnel power supply .

An innovative drive to build an energy storage system that reduces costs and increases efficiency

Hourly power consumption, power quality optimization and other characteristics. Peak shaving and valley filling means charging when the power is in the 'flat' and 'valley' period, and the power is discharged in the 'peak' period. By smoothing the user load curve, it can reduce the period of power in the 'peak' value period. The power order amount can reduce the need to purchase electric energy at a relatively high price and reduce the total electricity bill. When the power grid occasionally loses power, the energy storage system can be used as a backup power source to provide continuous power to users. In addition, the installation and application of the energy storage system can filter out disturbances from the grid, which can be used as a special power quality control device to improve the power supply quality of important loads. From the perspective of energy saving and emission reduction, the energy storage system transfers the electric energy of low-carbon emission power sources to the peak load period during the off-peak load period, thereby reducing the consumption of high-emission energy, which is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction.

Secondly, it will bloom, exploring the operation and management of green energy-saving tunnels

According to the tunnel site survey and recording real-time electricity consumption data, After statistical analysis of the electricity load of the Pengshanling Tunnel, a 50kW converter and a 150kWh battery pack were selected for this project, and the battery charging and discharging time and charging and discharging power were dispatched by the EMS controller to form an energy storage control system. By measuring the electricity load of the tunnel, the remaining capacity of the transformer can be used, and the energy storage system is integrated into the tunnel power distribution system through the spare drawer cabinet reserved in the tunnel under the original power distribution system line of the tunnel. The project began investigation, scheme design, equipment purchase, equipment installation and commissioning in October 2018, and the construction was completed on January 18, 2019. During the construction period, the tunnel was carried out without power failure, and the tunnel still had normal power supply.

Three economic benefits

In terms of power costs. Take the Pengshanling Tunnel as an example. According to statistics, the 30-day charge is about 12390KWh and the discharge is about 11750KWh. The total income for 30 days is about 4560 yuan, and the average daily income is 152 yuan. Based on this calculation, the 10-year operation of the Pengshanling Tunnel Energy Storage System will save about 500,000 yuan in electricity costs.

In terms of investment in emergency lighting equipment. After the system is put into use, it can replace 1 set of 50KVA UPS, saving equipment purchase and maintenance costs totaling about 200,000 yuan.

Deducting the investment cost of the energy storage system equipment purchase and installation of about 400,000 yuan, the Pengshanling tunnel lithium battery energy storage project will benefit about 300,000 yuan in the next 10 years. If our company This system is deployed in all tunnels, and the economic benefits in 10 years are expected to reach 20 million yuan.

Social benefits

When the tunnel is out of power, the energy storage system can completely replace the UPS to supply power to the tunnel. The current emergency lighting mode designed for the tunnel has a battery life of 30 minutes. If the energy storage system is used, the normal lighting mode can be turned on and the battery life can reach 3 hours, providing more reliable driving safety conditions for the tunnel. In addition, the energy storage system makes full use of electrical energy during off-peak load periods, greatly reducing the consumption of high-emission energy, and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction.

Fujian Province is a mountainous region with many tunnels and long mileage. The annual power cost for tunnel lighting is quite high. This project can be used in tunnel electricity cost control. Become a model for the province and promote it in the industry. At the same time, the system uses a lithium iron phosphate battery with high stability and high power conversion rate as the energy storage medium, and makes full use of the excellent deep charge and discharge performance and long cycle life of lithium batteries. From the perspective of the development trend of lithium batteries, In the future, the input cost of new equipment will show a downward trend, which can further promote the large-scale application of this technology.

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