What are the functions of the lithium-ion battery battery protection board?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-20
What are the functions of the lithium-ion battery protection board? How to better protect custom lithium-ion batteries? The reason why lithium-ion battery customization needs to protect the board is determined by its own characteristics. The internal reaction of the lithium-ion battery is not stable, which makes the battery have a hidden danger of explosion and fire. This dangerous accident occurs because of the overcharge and overcharge of the battery. Therefore, there will be a lithium-ion battery protection board in each lithium-ion battery assembly. So what is the function of the lithium-ion battery protection board? How to better protect custom lithium-ion batteries? Let's follow the editor to find out. There are two important parts of lithium-ion battery customization: lithium-ion battery core and protection board. If the lithium-ion battery core is the 'heart' of the battery, then the protection board is the various antibody organs that protect the heart, a safe and reliable lithium ion The battery must be a component to protect the board. After the customized lithium-ion battery cell is overcharged to a voltage higher than 4.2V, secondary uses will begin to appear. The higher the overcharge voltage, the higher the risk. What are the functions of the lithium-ion battery protection board? Lithium-ion battery protection boards are mainly used in the field of lithium-ion batteries such as electric vehicles, aircraft model drones, mobile lighting and miner's lamps, power tools, electric bicycles and motorcycles, communication base stations, energy storage equipment, and medical equipment UPS. 1. The most important function of the protection board as a lithium-ion battery customization is to protect the charging and discharging of lithium-ion battery packs in series or parallel. When fully charged, it can ensure that the voltage value between the individual cells in the battery pack remains consistent. It can ensure that a single battery is fully charged. In addition, the protection board also detects the over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature, and over-voltage conditions of the lithium-ion battery, and protects the battery from over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, and short-circuit protection. The short circuit of the lithium ion battery has a great risk factor. The short circuit will cause a large current in the battery, and also a large amount of heat, which will seriously damage the service life of the battery. In more serious cases, the heat will cause the battery to burn. explode. The protective function of the customized lithium-ion battery protection board is that when a large current occurs, the protection board will be turned off instantly, so that the battery will no longer be energized and no heat will appear. Overcharge protection: The increased voltage of lithium-ion battery charging capacity will also increase. When the battery voltage exceeds the threshold of the overcharge voltage of the protection board, the protection board will make the battery power off and no longer charge; over discharge protection: The reduced voltage of the discharge capacity of the lithium-ion battery also drops. When the battery voltage drops to the threshold of the over-discharge voltage of the protection board, the protection board will shut down the battery and no longer discharge. 2. The lithium-ion battery protection board also has the functions of power detection, remaining capacity display, battery working status display, and communication remote control; in addition, it can also be equipped with equalization, temperature control and soft switch functions. How to better protect custom lithium-ion batteries? When customizing the charging and discharging of lithium-ion batteries, in addition to the voltage limit, the current limit is also necessary. When the current is too large, the customized lithium-ion battery will not have time to enter the storage cell and will gather on the surface of the material. After these lithium ions obtain electrons, lithium atoms will crystallize on the surface of the material, which is the same as overcharging and can cause danger. If the battery casing ruptures, it will explode. The protection of customized lithium-ion batteries must include at least: ①the upper limit of charging voltage; ②the lower limit of discharge voltage; ③the upper limit of current. In general custom lithium-ion battery packs, in addition to custom lithium-ion battery cells, there will be a protection board. This protection board is important to provide these three protections. However, the three protections of the protection board are obviously not enough. Global lithium Ion battery explosion incidents are still frequent. To ensure the stability of the battery system, it is necessary to conduct a more careful analysis of the cause of the battery explosion, so that the lithium ion battery can be better protected and used for its purpose. Choosing a custom manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries requires that the manufacturers of custom-made lithium-ion batteries have a certain grasp of the needs of lithium-ion battery styles, such as the customization of battery size, performance, and customization according to the environment. The safety and stability of lithium-ion batteries are also a must. Everyone should understand that lithium-ion batteries have the potential for spontaneous combustion and explosion, not to mention inferior lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, the safety and reliability of lithium-ion batteries is the most basic requirement.
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