What are the advantages of lithium batteries in China

by:CTECHi     2021-09-21
Core point of view: my country is the world's largest producer of new energy vehicles. The production capacity and output of leading companies in lithium batteries, diaphragms, electrolytes and other industries rank first in the world, and they already have scale, technology and cost advantages. my country's lithium battery and battery material companies have gradually entered the global supply chain, gradually began to set up factories in Europe and other places, and entered global production. Chinese photovoltaic companies occupy 80% of the global market share. Lithium batteries and photovoltaics have certain similarities. Domestic companies in the lithium battery industry are expected to learn from the development path of photovoltaics through a good domestic financing environment and gradually form global competitiveness. Lithium batteries account for 40% of the vehicle cost. If the lithium battery industry forms a strong global competitive advantage, in the new energy vehicle industry, my country will be able to achieve curve overtaking to a certain extent. Knowing shame is close to being brave. This is the Chinese advantage of lithium batteries. 1 my country’s auto industry is large but not strong. In 2018, my country’s auto production was 28 million vehicles and 94.79 million vehicles in the world, accounting for 30% of the domestic market; my country’s auto industry is showing a large but not strong situation. There are few Chinese brands in the TOP10 companies. The replacement of fuel vehicles by new energy vehicles has become a global trend. Countries and major car companies have increased their investment in new energy vehicles on a large scale; in 2018, my country's new energy vehicle sales were 1.2 million, accounting for 60% of global sales, the largest in the world New energy vehicle production and sales country; 2 New energy vehicle industry, my country has formed a certain advantage my country's new energy source vehicle sales accounted for 60% of the world, CATL, Enjie shares and other production capacity and output have ranked first in the world. In the field of consumer batteries, ATL has achieved great success. China's new energy automobile industry already has certain advantages. On the track of new energy vehicles, the pattern and competitive advantages of domestic enterprises are far better than those of traditional vehicles. There are already a number of companies in China, such as CATL, among the top. The market value of CATL ranks third in the world in the auto parts industry. 3 The successful path of the photovoltaic industry is expected to reappear in the new energy automobile industry. my country's photovoltaic industry occupies 80% of the global market share and has achieved great success. The new energy automobile industry is expected to replicate this successful path.
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