we need high quality and efficiency micro solar inverters

by:CTECHi     2019-12-25
We know that the existing residential solar systems are increasing, the requirements of residential systems are getting higher and higher, and they are becoming more and more important in the modern solar world.
But how to determine that the micro solar inverter is not only a qualified person, but also an excellent solar equipment for your family?
The main function of the solar inverter is to convert the direct current generated by sunlight into the alternating current of the home.
Therefore, in the choice of consumers, its conversion efficiency must be the most important factor.
The most efficient SMA today is up to 96%, while the OMNIK is up to 95. 5%.
This means that your family will generate more efficiency and motivation.
A person\'s life is life, Microinverter.
That is to say, is this a standard inverter of high quality?
This is not a positive measure.
However, the life of the micro inverter can usually be extended to 10-15 years.
It is installed in an entire system that generates electricity.
For such a system, it can last for 20 to 25 years.
That means they need to live their lives.
After that, you can change the way you use the inverter reliability, how to define the micro-inverter?
This means that the equipment is very thick and can be different without affecting adverse conditions or damage.
If the inverter contains ip65technology, it will be hurt if it is to protect itself under harsh external conditions, especially under harsh conditions.
Solar panels mounted on the roof.
For convenience, some users want to install them near these panels, while others prefer to install them in a garage or warehouse.
No matter where you install it, using this technology driver can protect yourself from harm.
The parallel or non-parallel micro solar inverter should be connected together when it works properly, which means that it cannot be connected to work and does not select the inverter.
Usually they are connected in parallel.
So how many people can connect to be good luck?
This is not a sure thing either.
Normally, it would be nice if eight of these could be connected together in parallel.
What does it mean to install \"micro\" easy?
This means very small and easy to handle.
So, what is micro
Frequency converter, it should be small and easy for users to carry and install.
If the design of some slots is user friendly. Micro-
The variable frequency cooling system is a small machine, and when the temperature is too high, there should be some smaller system inside it to help cool the machine.
You need a good cooling system for this issue.
There is no noise, every machine has noise, which can be reduced by technical measures.
It\'s always screaming if you buy a computer, do you like it?
There is no doubt that there is no noise when you go to repair or replace a new seller. Micro-
The inverter is the same.
The noise is loud and can be reduced to a certain extent without disturbing your family.
Today the technician has designed a remote control that can be turned off without you monitoring your machine.
By definition, the technology is a built-inin Wi-
Fi wireless card and send you mobile device data of your concern downloaded from app store installer app in.
In addition to these standards, I believe there are other criteria to determine whether the micro solar inverter is good or not.
However, I have listed it in the standard article and you must be able to choose an efficient inverter for your home.
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