Was the MH370 crash caused by lithium battery fire?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-23

According to the 'Daily Express' report on May 12, the American pilot and aviation engineer believed that the reason for the missing of Malaysia Airlines MH370 was actually very simple. The lithium battery on the plane caught fire and caused the plane to crash.

Malaysian Airlines MH370 was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China before its mysterious disappearance on March 8, 2014. When the Boeing 777 disappeared in the South China Sea, it was carrying 239 passengers. The captain Zaharie Shah (Zaharie Shah) last contacted air traffic control at 1:19 in the morning, which was a routine handover between Malaysia Airlines and Vietnam Airlines.

Analysis of radar and satellite data showed that the aircraft suddenly changed course, flew over Malaysia, then turned south of Penang, and then turned to the southern Indian Ocean.

However, American pilot and aeronautical engineer Bruce Robertson said this is no coincidence. He said that the 221 kg lithium-ion battery on the plane caught fire, causing a deadly carbon monoxide cloud to enter the cabin, forcing Shah to try to save the crashed airliner.

In 2015, he said: 'Look, there is no conspiracy, no evil intentions, and no vague pictures. This is just a simple accident. The injured plane did its best. It survived, but it won’t survive. Too much time and money were wasted on futile searches.'

However, a report released in 2018 specifically Refutes these claims. The document, which is attached to Annex 13 of the MH370 flight safety investigation team of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Malaysia, stated that this is extremely unlikely.

It says: 'Some people worry that the battery may produce harmful gas, or cause a short circuit/fire in the worst case. After the test, the National Institute of Defense Science and Technology of Malaysia (Science u0026 Technology Research Institute for Defence) is convinced that the tested items cannot be the reason for the disappearance of MH370.'

'These batteries are not registered as dangerous goods because Their packaging complies with regulations. They have undergone customs inspection and clearance before being sealed and leaving the factory. They have not undergone any additional security checks before boarding the plane.'

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