Volkswagen will push 'standard batteries' to reduce costs and expand battery production capacity to 240GWh

by:CTECHi     2021-09-08
On March 16, the author learned that Volkswagen Group held the first 'PowerDay (Battery Day)' on March 15. During the 'PowerDayIt is reported that by 2023, Volkswagen Group will launch a 'standard battery' with intelligent technology, and the structure of the battery will be simpler. After equipped with standard batteries, the cost will be greatly reduced, about 30%. Among them, after entry-level products are equipped with standard batteries, its cost will be reduced by 50%. In addition, by 2030, 80% of Volkswagen brand vehicles will be equipped with standard batteries. In terms of power battery production capacity and plant location, the Volkswagen Group stated that by 2030, the Volkswagen Group will build 6 power battery factories worldwide with partners, with a total production capacity of 240GWh estimated. Among them, the production capacity of Volkswagen's power battery plants in Sweden and Germany will increase to 40GWh. In terms of charging infrastructure, the Volkswagen Group is also rapidly deploying on a global scale. According to the plan, by the end of 2021, Volkswagen's subsidiary ElectrifyAmerica plans to establish approximately 3,500 fast charging sites in the North American market. By 2025, Volkswagen will establish 17,000 fast charging stations in the Chinese market through the CAMS joint venture; at the same time (2025), Volkswagen will also build 18,000 fast charging stations in Europe. It is worth mentioning that by 2025, Volkswagen will put into production in the Chinese market 25 pure electric vehicles based on the MEB platform, with a sales target of 1.5 million new energy vehicles. At present, Volkswagen has put into production the Volkswagen ID.4X and ID.4CROZZ models in the Chinese market. In addition, according to the previous plan, the Volkswagen Group will invest 60 billion euros in the transformation and development of future fields such as hybrid power, electric mobility and digitalization during 2020-2024. 40% of the investment will be used for factory transformation and Ru0026D and production. Compared with the previous plan, the investment has increased by 10%; in the field of research and development and transformation of electric vehicles alone, the Volkswagen Group plans to invest nearly 33 billion euros. According to the latest product plan of the Volkswagen Group, by 2029, the Volkswagen Group will launch 75 pure electric vehicles and nearly 60 hybrid vehicles. By 2029, sales of Volkswagen electric vehicles will reach 26 million, of which nearly 6 million hybrid vehicles will be sold, nearly 20 million electric vehicles will be produced on the MEB platform, and nearly 6 million electric vehicles will use Volkswagen’s PPE platform. . Public data shows that in 2020, Tesla’s share of the global new energy vehicle market is 16.1%. At the same time, it is also the sales champion of the global new energy vehicle market in 2020. The Volkswagen Group’s new energy vehicle market share is 13%. Second only to Tesla. Some analysts believe that in 2021, Volkswagen Group’s share of the global new energy vehicle market is expected to surpass Tesla, and Volkswagen Group’s sales of new energy vehicles this year are expected to reach 750,000.
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