Volkswagen/Hyundai/Nissan/PSA high nickel battery application schedule

by:CTECHi     2021-08-28
Regarding the introduction of high-nickel system batteries, both domestic automakers and international automakers are intensively giving application timetables. For domestic independent brands, dozens of models including Geely, GAC, Weilai and many other automakers have announced that they will use high-nickel system batteries. In terms of high-nickel equipment, the models of the above-mentioned car companies are basically all supplied by the Ningde era. Regarding international car companies, Tesla and BMW are more advanced in applications, followed closely behind. Volkswagen, Hyundai, Nissan, PSA, etc. have successively given timetables for supporting applications. In terms of battery matching, Tesla has already applied Panasonic's mature NCA cylindrical batteries, BMW has imported high-nickel square batteries from the Ningde era, and Volkswagen and Hyundai use soft packs as their main suppliers. LG and SK are selected as suppliers. In view of the high nickel application of international car companies, the application of high-tech lithium battery technology has combed the latest developments of BMW, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai and other car companies. The following is the specific situation: Volkswagen: In 2021, the introduction of 811 system battery Volkswagen board member Stephen • Somo recently stated in Leipzig, Germany, that starting from 2021, Volkswagen will use batteries with a ratio of 8:1:1 of nickel, manganese and cobalt. Gaogong Lithium learned that Volkswagen’s 811 battery supplier has identified LG Chem and SK. What is certain is that the first model I.D based on Volkswagen’s new electrification platform will be equipped with LGChemNCM811 batteries. And SKI plans to produce the third-generation battery of its 811 system in Hungary, which will be put into production in 2021, and will also realize mass production for the public at that time. BMW: X1PHEV supporting Ningde era 811 battery high-tech lithium battery technology and application learned that the new version of BMW X1xDrive25Le has been launched in the first half of the year. This compact sports utility vehicle (SAV) is specially developed for the Chinese automobile market and can achieve 110 kilometers of pure electricity. Battery life. Its battery cells are produced in accordance with the specifications set by the BMW Group. It is reported that its battery system is produced by the Tiexi Plant of BMW Brilliance Automotive in Shenyang, and the battery is supplied by NCM811 system square power lithium-ion battery from CATL. Tesla: Or introduce LG high-nickel cylindrical batteries. Tesla is the first car company to be equipped with high-nickel system batteries. Its ModelS/X models were previously equipped with Panasonic’s NCA system 18650 batteries, while Model3 models were equipped with Panasonic NCA. System 21700 battery. What's interesting is that Tesla's plant in Shanghai, my country, is currently under construction and is expected to be put into operation before the end of the year. There has also been new news about the power lithium-ion battery supporting its plant in my country. Recently, multiple sources disclosed to Gaogong Lithium that LG Chem’s lithium-ion battery plant in Nanjing is very likely to provide power lithium-ion batteries for Tesla’s Shanghai plant, which will be put into operation at the end of the year. Its early-stage supporting products and Panasonic The same is a cylindrical battery (it is very likely that it is also a 21700 battery), but whether it is the NCA system or the NCM811 system, there is no further information at this time. Hyundai: KonaEV equipped with LG811 battery Early last year, South Korea’s Hyundai KonaEV pure electric SUV equipped with LG Chem’s NCM811 soft-pack battery was announced. It is also the world’s earlier model to achieve high-nickel batteries. Just recently, a modern pure electric car KonaEV exploded in a garage in the Île-Bizard community of Montreal, Canada, and caused a fire in the garage. It is understood that the KonaEV that caused the fire and explosion was the first batch to be mass-produced last year. Up to now, the global 4K+ sales of this car are around 2K in South Korea. There is no clear conclusion as to whether the fire of this car was caused by the high nickel system battery.
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