Used lithium-ion batteries are reborn! Can be made into an energy storage system with a capacity of up to 1 MWh

by:CTECHi     2021-08-23
Introduction: PowerESS is a new energy storage system made of secondary lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. It was proposed by the Spanish manufacturer Beeplanet as a solution for the commercial and industrial, primary and construction sectors. The Beeplanet plant is a Spanish manufacturer of energy storage systems based on waste electric vehicle batteries. Today, the company announced the launch of the energy storage system PowerESS, which is also manufactured by the secondary use of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. It is said to be an ideal solution for commercial and industrial, primary and construction sectors, and can be used with large-scale photovoltaic and wind power. Combination of power stations. It is a flexible modular system: starting from a 42 kWh rack, it can be expanded to 1 MWh by paralleling modules. The manufacturer said: 'In this way, once we have determined the size of the project, we will install the necessary racks to understand whether we want to expand the capacity in the future.' The system is also called 'can be installed indoors and outdoors at any time.' And provide containerized turnkey solutions for outdoor installations. The equipment is composed of the smallest replaceable unit, which is said to be able to increase the life cycle of the installation. The company said: 'When we detect through remote maintenance that a minimum unit (stack, weighing 20 kg) has reached its capacity limit, we will replace and recycle it.' The storage system is in all accessible areas. The connector has reinforced insulation and has a contactor fault detection function. Its protection level is IP54, and it has a high degree of airtightness for dusty and dusty environments. The system's warranty period is 4,000 cycles or 7 years, while the component's warranty period is 2 years. According to Beeplanet, the PowerESS system can maximize the performance of renewable energy devices in different fields. Its important applications include commercial and industrial projects for self-consumption, storage of charging infrastructure, and storage of microgrids. In industrial facilities, it is said that batteries can increase the self-use rate by more than 90%. In addition, in the case of network problems, energy backup can ensure the smooth progress of the production process. In the primary industry, it can improve the performance of solar pumps, solve the power generation gap of the ladder, and save the production process of animal husbandry and agriculture. It is said that the system is also suitable for energy communities because it helps to regulate voltage and frequency, respond to demand or peak shaving, maximize the return on investment of the facility, and provide auxiliary network services starting from 1 MWh. Finally, for manufacturers of charging points, it improves network access, speeds up startup, and allows fast charging to be installed anywhere.
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