UN sets universal standard for cell-phone chargers

by:CTECHi     2019-12-07
I have a box in my home office full of wires and changing appliances --
Products for mobile phones, laptops, cameras and a variety of other gadgets.
It\'s a mess.
But some news from the UN tech group may help me clean up my behavior.
The International Telecom Union, a branch of the United Nations, recently passed the general standard of mobile phone chargers --
Connect the phone to the electrical cord of the power outlet.
In addition to reducing consumer headaches, ITU is expected to approve connectors
Which Micro will be inUSB format -to reduce e-
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
According to a ITU press release, there are 6 million tons per year.
Here is the statement by Malcolm Johnson, director of ITU Telecom\'s Bureau of Standards: this is an important step in reducing the environmental impact of mobile charging, which also makes the use of mobile phones easier.
Universal chargers are common-
I look forward to seeing sense solutions in other areas.
As CNET and the BBC have pointed out, since these proposals are not mandatory, it is not clear how many mobile phone manufacturers are adopting these standards.
As one of my colleagues pointed out, all this is notto-
If the wireless charging device becomes more realistic, it will be a distant future.
However, those who lost some efficiency, so it would be interesting to see which way of thinking is popular in the charger world: efficiency or convenience.
ITU said its standard requires three times the energy of the charger.
Higher efficiency than no rated charger.
What do you think?
Let us know in the comments below.
Author: John D. Sutter --CNN.
Unfortunately, forcing customers to buy new/different chargers can make a lot of money, and I suspect the manufacturer will adapt slowly.
That\'s great, now if they turn it into mandatory then I might see it in my lifetime.
Since this is not mandatory, no one will start without doing so.
I\'m sorry they did try. .
Wireless charging is right here and this is the second best thing to do once the price goes down.
Unfortunately, every time the government considers it, they are still on the side of the road.
They need to set the standard, not behind the standard. . . . what a waste. . .
Well, I think it would be a great way to use an efficient wired charger for all phones, ipod, camera.
I don\'t like wireless self-perception.
This is not valid, especially if the cost paid to them is large enough to accommodate more than one item.
The ratio of efficiency not higher than the minimum area (
Most likely equipment)
To a larger area (
Most likely pad).
Although the magnetic field is likely to be small, the magnetic field will heat any metal near it by induction vortex or magnetic lag.
If any, it will apply voltage to the grounding circuit of the House or enterprise that affects the sensitive measurement equipment.
So for the above reasons, I don\'t like the idea of charging the phone or the wireless inductance, and I don\'t think it would be much more convenient to start up. Micro-
This standard USB? Great-
Many people may already have at least one charger using this.
Many people plug in the charger (
Leakage current)
Even without charging.
With the normal charger, people only need one charger.
It\'s better to pull it out when you don\'t use it, but most people are too lazy.
The charger may be 3 times more efficient now, but when a more efficient set of Chargers goes on the market, you will have the same trouble as it is now.
On top of that, I agree with collegue when he says everything will eventually be charged wirelessly, so it makes little sense.
Don\'t be fooled by the wireless charger scam.
You still need to buy a \"sleeve\" for each device to use it.
When you change the device, you need a new sleeve even if they use the same plug (
Sleeves match the shape of the device).
This does not reduce waste, and charging requires more energy than using a standard charger.
Why pay attention to mobile phones?
There are many other devices using transformers.
Even at the time of shutdown, there are many people who need more power.
For example, your stereo receiver, TV, computer, wireless router, cable box, satellite receiver, etc.
When you wake up, go and feel your stereo receiver.
It\'s still warm, which means it\'s consuming power all night.
This is the price you have to pay to have the remote control.
The device needs power on to receive the signal from the remote control.
By using a physical on/off switch on these devices and using only the remote control to change the channel and volume, we can save more energy.
The transformer consumes power even if the device is not turned on.
The larger the transformer, the more power it consumes when idle.
The transformer for the phone charger is very small, just a small part of the bucket.
However, it should be commendable to make a standard plug that will reduce the cost as they no longer include the charger.
Finally, my new moto had this connector before the game started.
It makes a lot of sense to me.
I change my phone more often because the phone is broken than because the charger is broken.
While it may be slow for manufacturers to adopt this charger, if you only need a mobile phone, you can buy a universal charger separately and it may be cheaper. (
This will reduce the number of chargers thrown away due to the death of the phone. )
I think it\'s time.
I heard something about micro.
USB became standard in Korea about a year ago.
This is worse than any other suggestion.
Samsung and Nokia will have to find more ways to make money on accessories.
It\'s annoying that they have to choose a micro computer
Usb instead of using a very wide range of mini-usb.
Well, we can put the widely used Mini
Usb is standard and only a few need new wires.
Or do some brand new standards and everyone has to buy it again! .
We can pretend we\'re saving the world!
This is 2009, we are almost as backward as when the bulb is put into use.
It\'s stupid that each manufacturer has a base of different sizes.
Now, when we change the handset maker, it\'s no use having wires in our ears.
It should be mandatory.
No one likes to change unless it\'s their idea.
Be smart and make the right changes.
It makes sense and I can\'t imagine if there are different connectors for our microwave, toaster, Blender, etc.
The kitchen looks like a big wire.
This is a very good idea, but it should also be extended to the car, throw away the cigar lighter, install one or two ports, as found in some products, install them on the front and back of the center of the dashboard and over the years the charger stuff is completely different from the proprietary garbage.
Can you imagine if the plug on the wall is random, fast?
Mobile phone line?
We will never be in 1920s. Standardize it.
Telephone companies should make money on real technology and services, not on the only line. e-
Man, I don\'t think you got the point. .
I know I change my phone every other year or less. .
Most of us do this and we don\'t replace stereo receivers, TVs, computers, wireless routers, cable boxes, satellite receivers, etc.
Within this time frame. .
The emissions from making these chargers are amazing, just to get them to the landfill in 2 rooms. .
Of course, it is a good concept to see the general power supply of other electronic devices. .
But the phone really needs to be solved. .
We all know that this is a scam for cell phone manufacturers, because the profit margin of the phone itself is very small, and accessories such as chargers are brought to us by them. . Charge me $5-
There are still 10 of my phones, please make all of my phone\'s Chargers universal. . E. L.
I support a standard as an IT professional.
In fact, in my current world, I carry a small canvas tool bag with me and hand over all my different cables/replacements to Kari. please help us.
It\'s a good idea to standardize the plug.
As for wireless charging, this is another term for the risk of brain cancer. It\'s a dead-
End in the long run.
Do you want to go through the microwave field and inductance gradient around the office?
Just because you can get some work doesn\'t mean you should.
Keep this in mind: Agent Orange works well with regards to fallen leaves.
How about setting a new standard for those gawd while they\'re doing it? awful 12-
V is still in the design of a car charger compatible with the \"Cigarette Lighter.
I suspect these sockets are used as a power supply on the lighter at a ratio of 10-to-1 these days.
We have to carry a bulky \"octopus\" with us if we need a few power supplies \".
Depending on how much current is needed, why can we have a small new socket and plug similar to the headset, FireWire or USB connection
It\'s just different to avoid confusion. Stop the UN!
That\'s how it started.
First, they told us what phone charger we had to use.
Then they enslave us. Wake up people!
Where is the tea bag when we need it? Ooopsie.
Of course, I mean, \"Why can\'t we have a new little socket and plug. . . ?
\"I just bought a new phone that I like.
However, I noticed that they chose to make a charger like a Micro Charger
Usb, but took out a small \"cut\" from the corner \".
Just change it, you have to buy a new charger for your car for $30 and add the old phone charger to the drawer of the unrecognizable plug, wire, what do we all have.
Of course, it will be easier to create a microcomputer. usb connector.
After all, they already exist in the world. . .
But no, they have to make a new shape.
Soon our phone charger will be like a lucky charm-\"Have you ever seen a phone charger in the shape of the moon, dear?
\"I own a small e-store and I sell more than 30 different models and it\'s a good idea to have more.
If the manufacturer uses a standard connector, this does not allow me to be phased in one way or another, as I can already order separate connectors and bulk cables to make my own charger.
It is also easier to cut the wire and connect it to a larger capacity (same voltage)
Power supply and throw the factory charger into the trash can.
The only people I can see the impact are parents of children who have a lot of different portable electronics.
My son has countless devices that work at different charging voltages. Nintendo Inc.
Is one of the worst devices-each of the devices they make comes with connectors of different styles.
Inductive charging seems like an interesting idea, but who wants to add a bulky device to the back of a toy or phone?
Of course I don\'t.
Why do you have a case of charger if you no longer have one?
It\'s been thrown into the trash!
This is certainly a common sense solution.
As long as all existing mobile phone brands have adapters, it should not be difficult to transition from the current system to the general system.
Not to mention two options (
Universal and wireless)
For charging devices, this will help reduce a lot of trouble and waste in the future.
But the United Nations can\'t do it alone (all of us)
Because customers need to support this effort in any way to encourage our preferred mobile phone brands to adopt this standard.
Once the charger has a standard (
Micro USB, in this case)
It\'s easy to buy a small adapter for your specific phone.
Now I have it on my desk. . . let me see . . . my phone (
Very small coaxial connector)
A hands-free speaker and Bluetooth phone that looks like a Western Electric 300 phone (mini-USB)
A hands-free headset (
Motorola connector
My MP3 player
Proprietary things
My Game Boy (
Different proprietary things).
Oh, there\'s a micro
USB connector connected to other devices.
Six different connectors for seven devices.
Enough is enough.
You\'ll miss the point here, but that\'s why I jumped in. . .
I only care about the big picture.
Of course they can make all the plugs the same, nice and beautiful.
It may be that the matching batteries produced by Sony or Motorola will only be charged with their branded chargers.
Yes, save the world. I hope they are serious.
It\'s time to say that the laptop charger is in usb connection format.
The general standard for mobile phone chargers has expired, and if some phone companies decide not to adopt the new standard because they don\'t force it, then they will certainly notice a downward trend in their business.
However, since consumers like this new standard so much on so many levels, I secretly suspect that they will eventually meet the standard as well.
It\'s about time to come up with some standards, and even though the device doesn\'t work anymore, I keep every single wire I get, and I \'d love to restore a device that I love for a long time.
If it is so simple then it may also add salt to your world, if I also share your rare fruit of genius, let it wither and die on the vine.
VonI has a Micro Phone
USB charger, the most vulnerable connector I \'ve ever seen to charge anything.
Return to the mini happily
Now don\'t think I\'ll consider buying any devices with Micro USB
USB charger.
I have implemented my own standardized campaign and now all my devices have to use mini-USB connector.
That\'s all I bought.
If the phone or GPS does not use it, I will cross it off the potential purchase list. Simple.
This is the best option so far. the micro-
USB is too small).
Everyone does this and my de facto standard will take over in a year or two.
Consumption power is unstoppable.
For those of you asking for the reasons for Micro USB with micro USB, please check the plugin
Unplug the failure ratio.
Basically, the micro USB allows you to insert something about 20 times before the plug is no longer working.
You need to be able to do this if you plan to use your wire for 5 years.
Let\'s be smart and divide the charger into two pieces.
We can do this part with electronic devices and actual cables.
There is a USB connector at the end of the cable plug for the charger, and then each manufacturer simply produces a cable from USB to their device.
No need to change the hardware.
In the past 20 years, the same style of plug has been used for each desktop computer, and the new one still comes with a replacement plug.
If you think a standard can stop electronic garbage. . . . keep dreaming.
This should not even be done, which should have been done long ago.
When the mobile phone boom happens, consumers should come together and insist on universal chargers for all small electronic devices.
Seeing big businesses run away with our money for something common sense tells us it\'s the wrong thing, I\'m sick.
This shows that no one in Washington represents my interests, and they only care about satisfying the wallets of big businesses.
On the COP15 climate treaty website in Copenhagen, the United Nations did not even mention the thorny issue of mobile phone charging. -
So don\'t worry, it\'s just personal inconveniences and extra costs, not the climate drivers of global habitat destruction when an ice bear turns itself off with a mobile phone charging cord;
We will see it on the news network, when this needs to be implemented --
Standard meaning of charger plug-
The progress of science and technology will be so amazing that all this will be eliminated.
I predict that the phone will either be charged by shaking (body movement)
Or charge by body heat or other heat.
Advances in mobile technology will make them so small that they can become watches.
Eventually, everyone will be implanted with a mobile device with a gps locator.
This is as mandatory as the license plate on the car.
Think about the meaning of knowing where each body is --
It is not only for the purpose of tracking criminals, but also for the purpose of finding missing children or adults.
The device can also unlock home or start a car or similar device in the future.
Devices like this have been implanted in moose to stop illegal poaching.
When divice detects cold animals (dead)
It signals, and the gps locator signals to the game administrator.
The last time I checked, the United Nations did not have any real authority to guide this.
They can make suggestions, but they can\'t.
The United Nations not only wants to be the number one dog for binding international climate control. A good idea for universal chargers --
Very late.
The United Nations has done a lot of this useful standardized work, but not enough people know it.
Mike was right a few minutes ago.
The United Nations has no authority to stick to these things, but there is a lot of voluntary compliance with its standards in the field of Telecom (
There are many areas such as aviation)
So it works anyway.
Because the standards are well thought out.
Participation on a global scale;
They make sense.
As for the \"Itsall Aplot\" paranoid comment on the UN taking over everything --
Well, as far as my money is concerned, the United Nations is more meaningful than those madmen on any given day.
It doesn\'t matter what the UN wants, and if they can\'t keep nuclear inspectors in Iran, how will they tell equipment manufacturers what to do?
Handset makers have huge power to make chargers that only work with their own phones-remember that they are actually giving away their phones and making money on insurance plans, plus a $40 charger (
$9 for anything else).
Devices like BlackBerry already use micro-
USB is far ahead of the curve and you can find a USB cable anywhere, so it would definitely be nice if other companies joined in.
But don\'t hold your breath-the beeps you hear mean you\'re running out of battery power. . . .
I want to know where poor Walter got his \"message\" from\"
Probably Fox News? ? .
In fact, the United Nations has nuclear inspectors in Iran for many years.
Of course, all of this has nothing to do with the battery charger. The UN-
Through market forces, standardized ones will be adopted
Just as other United Nations standards have been adopted.
Once a manufacturer provides and supports general Micro
USB charger, the customer will want it, it will be a source of competitive advantage --
Other manufacturers will certainly follow suit.
For those who praise the wireless reloadable devices, I hope that these devices have a common global standard, otherwise you will be stuck again after 10 years (
Looks like I can\'t put my phone on the reload board of my wireless electric toothbrush).
I would like some manufacturers to also use Micro USB on other small electronic devices (
Toys, for example).
Don\'t they have better things to do? Man-
\"Climate change\" is the most ridiculous farce since peace. earth theory.
Make a little geological history.
The climate has been changing, sometimes dramatic. Get over it.
If you want to do the right thing, do the opposite of what the Greens say.
They complained about how bad nuclear power was in their 70 s, so we (moronically)
After listening to them, the construction stopped.
After 30 years, they (
Environmental activists)
Say, \"Oh, we got it wrong. check it out.
Five years ago they said ethanol was good. \"So we (moronically)
Listen to them and use corn in less than the best way because they applaud and thus disrupt the food supply chain.
In their 70 s, they were very worried about the return of the ice age.
Fortunately for us, before climate change, they can get everyone to do something to deal with the global cooling.
Now, should we listen to them?
Come, fool you once and be ashamed of them;
Lie to you twice. you\'re a shame.
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But some of the things mentioned at the meeting that I have never heard (
Or really thought about it)
Isn\'t Bluetooth a government authorization standard like microousb? [. . . ]
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