U.S. University researches nano lithium-ion battery life can be extended by 40 times

by:CTECHi     2021-07-24

The battery designed by researchers at the University of California and the University of Maryland contains fine nanowires that can store and transport electrons. This is nothing new in itself. The breakthrough lies in the strength of the nanowires. Although the service life of the wires in most lithium-ion batteries is 5000-7000 charge cycles, the nanowires of the University of California research team have a service life of 200,000 charge cycles.

MyaLeThai, a PhD student and project leader at the University of California, said that the key to extending the service life of the wire lies in the use of paint, which will greatly increase its strength. She believes that the new type of lithium-ion battery has huge market potential. 'Research shows that battery electrodes based on nanowires have a long service life, and we can manufacture this battery.'

At present, the commercial viability of the new lithium-ion battery is still unknown. If further testing and research are successful, the service life of next-generation lithium-ion batteries may far exceed the equipment using them.

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