Turn Your Empty Plastic Bottles into Solar-Powered Lanterns for Just $2

by:CTECHi     2019-12-02
Do you have two dollars and a water bottle?
And then you can take this simple, but very good solar energy.
This will provide enough light to read at night.
First of all, you need a water bottle and, of course, some ropes and some bleach.
You also need the actual light source: any type of solar energy-Electric lanterns.
The original creator of the project found his products at a dollar store for $2, but they are widely available and usually cheap.
Step 1: Remove the top of the lamp and simply pop up from the top of the lamp.
This part is needed for LED lights and power supplies (
Could be a rechargeable AA battery)
And solar panels.
Step 2: empty the water bottle if you are not ready yet.
If you want to prevent mold from growing in the bottle, you can apply some bleach to it.
Then, tie a rope tightly in the middle of the bottle.
Then, tie more rope on the original rope, like this: Step 3: fix the light to the bottle and place the top of the lantern on the flat end of the bottle;
The LED should face it.
Then tie the loose end of the rope to the top to create the harness for the light.
Step 4: recharge in the sun and enjoy a full day to recharge.
Once charged, you can hang it anywhere you need a good light source.
The assembled lights should last for six months or more, after which you may need to replace the rechargeable battery.
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