Turanor – The World’s Biggest Solar Powered Boat is Underway

by:CTECHi     2019-12-12
Turanor, the world\'s largest solar ship: Swiss company PlanetSolar has launched Turanor, a giant catamaran that runs entirely on solar energy.
Turanor is said to be the largest of its kind-the world\'s largest solar ship.
PlanetSolar aims to show the world what Turanor can do and show in the process
Develop the potential of solar energy by sending Turanor around the world.
Donano was the idea of Rafael domjam, a former Swiss ambulance driver.
The name \"Turanor\" means \"the power of the Sun\", which is inspired by JRR Tolkein\'s novel \"Lord of the Rings\".
Image source: World\'s largest sun boat Wikipedia-more than 85 tons of technical details
The captain of the Turanor Hull is 31 metres wide and 15 metres wide.
The solar boat is powered by 38,000 photovoltaic cells (PVCs)
It has been assembled into 825 larger modules.
In the event of a storm, a solar array connected to the side excavator and the rear wing can be recovered.
The electrical energy output from these photovoltaic cells is used to drive four motors that produce a power output of 120 KW at a 90% efficiency.
Thus the electricity generated is the source of power for all electrical and electronic equipment on board as well as dual carbon fiber propellers, which allows the vessel to be manipulated without a rudder.
A large lithium-ion battery is used to store solar energy, which is used to power the motor at night or cloudy during the day.
In the absence of sunlight, the battery of Turanor allows it to run without sunlightstop at 7.
5 knots or 14 kilometres per hour (
Probably the average speed of the average tanker)for three days.
However, Turanor\'s manufacturer says it can run for up to 15 days at a lower speed without sunlight.
Turanor\'s journey the main energy of Turanor is the sun, and turanor plans to travel along the equator route so that it can take advantage of the sun, thus completing its global trip in the shortest possible time.
It is planned to complete the 34,000-mile journey in 160 days.
Starting and ending points are in Monaco and are scheduled to stop in Miami, Cancun and San Francisco in the United States;
Sydney, Australia;
Singapore and Abu Dhabi in Asia.
Although the £ 16 million spent on Turanor construction may attract the attention of the people around you
The development potential of solar energy and how to use solar energy in the transportation sector (
To this end, many departments)
Many people will benefit from this huge amount of money.
For example, solar villages can be built or installed in some developing cities, or something useful for people in remote areas with little or no electricity.
Read the link further: 1)Turanor2)
Follow Turanor and check if it\'s in your country now.
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