toyota to start lithium-ion battery output in 2009

by:CTECHi     2020-01-13
TOKYO (Reuters)-
Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday that its battery joint venture with Panasonic electric industry will be fully launched
Scale production of lithium
In 2010, the goal of the ion battery is to introduce more power.
Driving a car in the next few years.
Toyota, the world\'s largest producer of gasoline
Electric hybrid cars are keen to mainstream such vehicles by reducing cost premiums, as more consumers around the world demand higher fuel economy in record situations
High energy prices.
The battery company, Panasonic Electric Vehicle Energy, currently produces nickel.
The metal hydrogen batteries used in Toyota\'s hybrid vehicles are building two new factories to increase the capacity of 1 million batteries per year to about 2010.
Toyota, which hit the world\'s first hybrid vehicle in 1997, aims to achieve annual sales of 1 million hybrid vehicles worldwide shortly after 2010, more than double last year.
A total of 1 sold.
Since the launch of the first Prius hybrid ten years ago, there have been 5 million hybrids.
Many large automakers are working with battery makers to develop carsuse lithium-
Ion batteries can store more energy in smaller, lighter packages and are considered key to extending cruising distances for pure electric vehicles.
This battery is usually used in laptops and mobile phones.
Toyota, the world\'s largest carmaker, also said in a statement that it will set up a battery research unit later this month to develop the next
A better generation of batteries than lithiumion batteries.
Domestic rivals Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors have established joint ventures with NEC Group and GS Yuasa Corp. T. , respectively. Lithium production
Ion batteries starting next year.
Toyota says lithium will be used-
Ion battery in rechargeable plug
Hybrid cars will be available in Japan, the United States and Europe in 2010.
\"We plan to use nickel at the same time.
Lithium hydroxide metal
Ion batteries, choose the right choice according to the vehicle, \"President Katsuaki Watanabe outlined Toyota\'s environmental activities at a press conference.
Toyota has yet to say whether lithium will be used-
The third ion battery
Generation Prius, widely expected to launch sometime next year, but fully launched
Mass battery production shows it can be used soon.
Toyota said on Tuesday it plans to start producing Camry hybrids in Thailand and Australia over the next two years in order to help meet its hybrid sales targets.
Toyota will showcase the new hybrid
At the Detroit auto show in January, there were only two luxury brands, Toyota and Lexus.
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